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Hello Happy Campers!! We are Living the RV Dream, and loving the RV Lifestyle!! We are John and Kathy Huggins and we have been living full-time in our RV since early 2005. We love to share about this wonderful lifestyle and our beautiful country.  We are working to make this website the best go-to place for information on every aspect of  camping life. Although we are full-time RVers, almost all the information in this website is applicable to short timers and weekenders.

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About John and Kathy Huggins

We open up with some information about us and how we are living the RV Lifestyle as well as some of our projects such as our Podcast (Living the RV Dream), our Blog, our books, our store, and some of our photos.

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RV Types

Then there is a section all about the different Types of RV's available and what the differences are. Class A RV's, Class B RV's, Class C RV's, and Towable RV's  like Fifth Wheel Trailers, Travel Trailers, and Truck Campers are covered.

RV Systems

Today's RV's are made up of many RV Systems. Whether the RV is a motor home or a towable, there are many common systems that make the modern RV so desirable. There are 2 electrical power systems, 120 volt AV and 12 Volt DC. There are 3 water systems consisting of the Fresh, Gray, and black tanks and associated plumbing, pump(s) and hardware. There may be a hydraulic system that operates the leveling jacks and often slide out rooms. Most RV's have an LP gas system that fuels appliances such as the hot water heater, gas range and oven, forced air furnaces, and absorption refrigerators that work on gas and 12 volt electric. Diesel motor homes will also have an air compressor system to supply compressed air to the braking system as well as to the air horn and to the air bags in the suspension system.

RV Maintenance

We spend a lot of time in this section discussing the many aspects of doing the proper preventive maintenance on your RV to keep it on the road and operating properly.

RV Safety

RV Safety is a most important section that highlights Fire Safety, Electrical Safety, Personal Safety, and safety based around Severe Weather Conditions.

Tips on living the RV Lifestyle

We move on to a section filled with RV Tips. RV Rally's, RV Shows, RV Systems, Winter Camping, and much more are covered. There will be links to the famous "Poop Sheets" written by Phred Tinseth. Here is where you find out about the dreaded "Black water dance." This is where we will share all the lessons we have learned during our years on the road.

Must Have "Stuff"

This is a list of our favorite products that we have either in or on our RV. This list will change as we add other favorite stuff. I have tried to include links where available to make these items easier to find.

Technology for the RV Lifestyle

Technology for RVers is a section of interest to all of us. Topics include TV Reception, Internet Connectivity, Cellular Communications, and Apps that make an RVers life a little easier. We expect to change this section constantly as the technology we rely on changes and improves.

Full-time RV Lifestyle

We discuss full-Time RVing  in a section with information on home Domicile States, Mail Services, Banking on the road, Full-timing rigs,  Budgeting, and other topics of interest to the aspiring or already committed full-timer. We try to answer all those nagging questions you have about selling everything, buying the right RV, and jumping off into uncharted territory.


Next up is a section all about Boondocking, or RVing off the grid. There are sections on Power Conservation with Solar Power and Wind Power systems, Water Conservation tips, and Places to Boondock.


This is an extensive section on Workamping covering every aspect from resume preparation, application, interview, to actually doing the work and lots of other information based on our long history of workamping.

Campground Memberships

There is a lot of interest in Campground Memberships. We cover most of the larger Membership Companies as well as some tips on how, where, and whether to buy.

RV Clubs

We discuss some of the more popular RV Clubs  including Good Sam, Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA), Escapees, and the many affinity clubs based on a particular RV. We also list the State specific camping clubs.

RV People

We define RV People as those who contribute to our enjoyment of this awesome lifestyle by writing educational blogs and books, by teaching seminars that help us enjoy this lifestyle more, and by selling products that help us to enjoy the lifestyle. The RV People I describe in these paragraphs are folks we know and are friends with. We have learned from these folks, and we respect them very much. They are the people we consider experts. At one time or another, we have interviewed them all on our Living the RV Dream podcast. Check them out and see what they have to offer you.

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Workamping Site in Pittsfield, IL

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