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Our Favorite Products

This is a list of our favorite products that we have either in or on our RV. This list will change as we add other favorite stuff. I have tried to include links where available to make these items easier to find.

Surge Guard 50A Surge Suppressor

We bought the Surge Guard 50A Hardwire - Model 34560 Rated 120/240V, 50A. We got it less than a week after we picked up our rig. This will protect all the sensitive electronics in your rig from surges and brown-outs. Buy it here  There is a thirty amp model available, as well. This can be installed by someone who understands electrical wiring. We bought it at Camping World, but you can check out the company’s offerings at http://www. What follows is from the manufacturer’s data sheet.
This 50 amp Surge Guard product monitors shore power continuously and shuts off when it detects excessive voltage or open neutral conditions that could damage electronic equipment in your coach. Like its thirty amp partner, the 50 amp hardwire unit is permanently installed within the bay of your coach, preventing potential theft and damage from the elements. Some additional features include:
The unit provides automatic reset on power restoration.
Automatically shuts off the power when the following is present: Open neutral, Low (<102V) and High (>132V) Voltage
Caution indicator light indicates: Miswired pedestal, Reverse polarity, Elevated ground voltage
2 minute 15 second reset delay protects A/C compressor.
1750 Joules of power surge protection.

Battery Watering System

The first time I tried to check the water level in the battery, I almost had to remove all the large gauge wiring from the battery tops to open the cell covers. Then it was hard to see the level in the cells to the back of the battery compartment. Enter another favorite product, the Pro-Fill RV battery watering system. Buy it here  Here is some material from the manufacturer:
Pro-Fill On-Board Battery Watering System, 6-volt RV Edition, provides the most convenient and accurate means of filling and maintaining proper battery water levels. Hard to reach batteries are just as easy to fill as batteries on a workbench. Several batteries can be filled safely and simultaneously from a single remote position without ever having to touch a battery or remove a cap. Pro-Fill’s automatic control valves ensure each cell is closed when the precise level is reached.

Fill up to six batteries in seconds from a single fill point
Fits all standard 6V lead acid batteries
Eliminates need to remove vent covers to fill
Automatically sends water to low cells only
Installs in minutes, no tools required
Safer and more accurate than conventional filling
Improves battery life and performance
Hard to reach batteries are as simple to fill as batteries on a workbench
Several batteries can be connected and filled at the same time
Automatic shut-off prevents over or under watering
Simple hand pump operation
Use with any distilled water container
Quick disconnect feature allows supply to be attached in a snap
No need to remove vent covers

Three Stage Water Filter

During our homework period before we bought our rig, I learned a lot about water quality and different methods of filtration. The best information I got was from The RV Water Filter Store at . These guys know their stuff. They have a store during the winter months at the Yuma, AZ, flea market. You can also order online. I decided to build a three stage filter that could later be upgraded to a reverse osmosis unit. I bought three Culligan brand canisters at a hardware store along with all the brass fittings needed to complete the project. The first has a twenty micron sediment filter; the second has a one micron sediment filter; and the third has a carbon block filter inside the canister. A painted steel top from the RV Water Filter Store completed the project. I’ve been using this setup since 2005 with no problems. Just change the sediment filters when they get discolored and the carbon filter quarterly. This system is also available completely assembled as part number Code B2304. The 2014 price is $93.95 plus tax and shipping.

Aqua Jet RV Water Pump

We had not lived in our rig for more than a couple of months before we decided the original twelve volt water pump was inadequate. Mainly it didn’t pump enough water at a high enough pressure. It was also noisy and irritating, and it would cycle during low flow conditions. It was hard enough to try to take a shower with it, but run the sink at the same time and forget about it. The Aquajet RV was a direct replacement for our old pump and produced 5.3 gallons per minute (gpm) at sixty five pounds per square inch (psi) of pressure. This is sufficient to give full flow with several fixtures in operation. We added a pair of two foot hoses to quiet down the operation and it hasn’t given us any trouble for the five years we have had it, so it definitely made the favorite product list. It was a little expensive; they are now about a hundred and seventy dollars. Check out the ad in the right hand column. Buy it here

Water Pressure Regulator

Excessive pressure can cause your plumbing to leak or even rupture. It doesn't take long at high pressures to cause damage; even a fairly brief "spike" can do it. Pressure regulators are installed in your water supply line to limit the water pressure going into your RV. RV plumbing is normally rated around one hundred pounds per square inch, but you certainly don't need to use that much. Fifty to sixty five pounds per square inch is a very comfortable pressure for faucets and showers. Parks don't always have that much, but when they do, having a regulator designed for good flow and pressure adjustability will allow you to take advantage of that better pressure without creating a problem with standard RV plumbing systems. I built my first one from a household regulator and some brass fittings. I still have it, but it is heavy. I purchased a Valterra model A01-1117VP  several years ago and it’s great. It is lightweight and compact. I have had to replace the pressure gauge. Other than that, it has been trouble free. The problem with these is that you have to remember to disconnect it and take it with you. I paid to have the old heavy one shipped to our next campground. Buy it here

Rhino Flex Sewer Hose

I have used several brands of sewer hose through the years, but none are as good as the Rhino Flex model from Camco. It has among the thickest outer coverings in the industry and the only leaks I have had were caused by me. It is certainly one of my favorite products. Don’t use a weed eater anywhere near your sewer hose. Trust me on this one. I bought mine from WalMart for a little over $25 and I added a ten foot extension hose to reach out to twenty five feet. There is a new model of the Rhino Flex out now that is crush proof, but I haven’t tried it. I also have two older ten foot sewer hoses from another manufacturer that I use when I need the extra distance. Buy it here

Oxygenics Shower Head

I have no idea how we lived without this marvelous shower head. It is a favorite product of both Kathy and me. We have probably bought three or four others and they all had the same problem. When there was low camp water pressure, it was almost impossible to have a good shower. When we got this one, we couldn’t believe the difference. Depending on park pressure, we had to turn it down a few times.  It comes in white, chrome, and brushed nickel. Be sure to get the wand holder too. It is made for the Oxygenics and will hold it at a great angle.  But it here  Here are a few benefits from the company literature:
Maintenance Free - The Body Spa will never require maintenance or upkeep, making it completely easy to care for.
Limited Lifetime Warranty - Showerheads are guaranteed for life never to clog because the internal components are constructed using
Delrin, which prevents mineral deposits, lime, and scale buildup.
Easy to Install and Operate - the Body Spa installs in seconds, comes with easy to understand instructions, and is a snap to operate.
Everything you need is included so there is nothing else to buy.
Cost Effective - Because our showerheads last forever, require no maintenance, and are designed to conserve 30-70% of water and energy used by traditional showerheads, there is no better option for the RV owner that wants a cost effective solution. The affordable
price helps too!
Self- Pressurizing - The patented technology uses a self-pressurizing design to increase spray velocity to produce a sensational experience even with low water pressure. This gives the user an invigorating clean-rinsing shower - anytime, anyplace.
Gets the Job Done - Water is energized and texturized with oxygen, speeding up the flow of the water and allowing for a clean rinsing shower. Shampoo and soap are thoroughly and quickly rinsed out.
Customize the Flow - The Body Spa works so well, that some people actually need to turn it down! The flow control valve lets the user customize their shower from ‘soft and relaxing’ to ‘pulsating and massaging.’ No matter what, the user will get a pleasant full coverage spray.
Health Benefits - the Oxygenics technology increases oxygen content in the water by up to 10 times! The oxygen helps to purify the water by creating negatively charged ions that counter damaging free radicals. The result is rejuvenated, younger looking skin.

Heavy Duty Satellite Antenna Tripod

We purchased a tripod from the TV4RV Company. Their heavy duty model was designed to handle large HD dish antennas in up to fifty mile per hour winds. The legs are adjustable and there is a built in bubble level to make set-up easy. Once leveled, a compass fits in the top to orient the tripod. Then put the dish on and you will be plus or minus two degrees from the optimum signal point. Dish setup and aiming has been reduced to less than five minutes. Check them out at:

Wave 6 Catalytic Heater

We bought this heater six years ago with boon docking in mind. It turns out we use it almost exclusively instead of our gas furnaces. The unit uses no electricity and is super- efficient on gas usage. We put in a tee from the range top and ran a gas line down to the floor by the refrigerator with a quick disconnect fitting. There is a twelve foot gas hose attached to the Wave 6 so we can position it anywhere to get good coverage. This six thousand BTU heater has kept us warm every winter since we bought it. During very cold weather, this certainly becomes a favorite product. Buy it here

TST Tire Pressure Monitoring System

We bought the TST Model 507 with 10 sensors to include our car. At the time we bought it, this was the only system I found with replaceable batteries. They use the button style batteries used in watches and last around 2 years. This system has provided us with peace of mind about our tire pressure and temperature while rolling. I believe a TPMS is a necessity for both motor homes and 5th wheel and travel trailers. We have had this system in use since 2009 with no problems. We have changed the type 1632 batteries twice.

Buy it here

Emergency Weather Radio

Midland Consumer Radio WR-120EZ NOAA Weather Alert All Hazard Public Alert Certified Radio with SAME, Trilingual Display and Alarm Clock Public-alert certified monitor receives 7 NOAA channels with flood, tornado, thunderstorm, and other warnings SAME alert programming sounds an alert only when specific counties are threatened 25-county memory system; 90 dB siren, voice alert, and flashing LED warning systems Uses three AA alkaline batteries for emergency power back-up in the event of power outage Built-in clock with alarm and snooze; measures 6.0 x 1.5 x 5.0 inches (W x H x D); 1-year warranty Receives 7 NOAA channels with flood, tornado, thunderstorm, and other warnings SAME programming sounds an alert only when specific counties are threatened Trilingual (English Spanish French) Compact alert monitor for weather, civil emergency, and other hazards.

Buy it here

Select Comfort Sleep Number Mattress

We decided very early on that the mattress that came with our motorhome was not going to be satisfactory for full-time use. We had a king size sleep number bead in our sticks and bricks home before we hit the road, and I'm afraid we were addicted to it. We called up Select Comfort and found out they had an RV model that met all the RVIA fire codes. We ordered it and it arrived in four boxes. We were able to wrestle the old mattress out of the rig and the new air mattress went together in less than a half hour. We love it still since it was new in 2005. The company stands behind it and sent a replacement air bladder when one of them leaked. Great, fast customer service. No question that it makes the favorite product list.

Viair 40047 400P-RV Automatic Portable Compressor Kit

Here is a small, portable air compressor that can inflate 22.5 inch tires to 120 PSI. Great quality and reviews. Buy it here.

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