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We have been producing the Living the RV Dream RV podcast since early 2009. Prior to that we did the 17 shows on live radio at WSRQ in Sarasota, FL. This has been a labor of love of the RV Lifestyle from the beginning.

What is a Podcast?

A Podcast is an audio file with a .mp3 suffix, usually CD quality,  placed on the internet with a podcast host company. You visit the host company and either download a particular show, or you can subscribe to it. When a new show is posted and your computer is on and connected to the internet, the new file will download automatically. This can be done on any device connected to the internet such as smart phones, tablets, and computers.


We have not changed the format since we started. We begin with reading listener emails and commenting on them. Then we move on to at least one topic of interest to our general audience of both experienced RVers and folks dreaming about it. We may do an RV Tip from hard won experience. We discuss places we have recently visited like museums, or landmarks. We might even conduct an interview with folks who are in the RV industry or popular figures on the RV show circuit, or anyone else we think will inform our listenership. This always seems to fill the whole hour. We produce Show Notes for each show which is a synopsis of the materiel we cover. 

Our Sound

When we converted our show to a podcast, I read all I could about this then emerging media source. I got a lot of good advice and especially to use the best microphone we could afford. We started out with microphones on stands and recording into a laptop computer. Now we use broadcast quality headsets that cut back on background noise and allow us to turn our heads to read without loosing any sound quality.

I have since added microphone processing equipment to refine our sound and prevent excessively loud or soft passages. We also record into a digital recorder for later transfer to the computer for editing and post processing.


Here is a list of the equipment we are currently using:

  • Behringer 14 channel USB Mixer
  • Audio Technica BPHS1 Headsets
  • HP Desktop Computer
  • Audacity Ver 2.1 recording software
  • Behringer HA4700  Headphone Amp.
  • Behringer MDX4600 Compressor
  • Behringer  MIC2200 Mic Preamp
  • Zoom H-2 digital Recorder

Where to Find the Living the RV Dream RV Podcast

We are currently hosting our RV Podcast with Blubrry and it is available on the Blog and Podcast Page here. We are also on Stitcher Radio, a popular sound and music website.

Perhaps the largest segment of our audience finds us on iTunes, the Apple, Inc. music and video site. Go to the iTunes store and choose Podcasts. Type Living the RV Dream in the search bar and you will see our last 20 shows.

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