RV Seminar Presenters

We have been RV Seminar presenters since 2009 and full-time RVers since 2005. We started out doing a seminar called "What in the World is a Podcast?" that we presented at the Gypsy Journal rally. We also do seminars on Workamping, Full-Time RVing, RVing Lessons Learned, and How to Survive an RV Show.

Kathy and I use our own experience as well as a liberal sprinkling of humor in our presentations. Also, we keep our seminars short enough so people can ask plenty of questions. Every seminar will have handouts with links to additional information from the people we consider experts, who are also RV seminar presenters.

We don't sell any products and we do not endorse anything during our presentations. We do, however, use much information from our books, "So, you want to be an RVer?", "So, you want to be a Workamper?", and "How to survive an RV show and have a really great time doing it". We also have our books available for sale after the seminar.

Full-Time RV Lifestyle

We discuss what is involved in the full-time RV lifestyle and how it's different from RVing from your sticks and bricks home. We discuss budgeting, insurance, domicile, and many of the things that go into this unique part of the RV experience.

Lessons Learned from the RV Lifestyle

In our years on the road as full-time RVers, we have learned many valuable lessons. Some of these were learned the hard way and at some great expense. We use a lot of humor in this presentation as we cover topics from holding tank mishaps to parking in a tight spot and many more situations RVers find themselves in.


Kathy and I have workamped regularly from our first year RVing. We have done many different types of work as well as some volunteer positions. We are also allied with The Workamper News as part of their Concierge program where we are able to educate folks considering workamping. We talk about preparing a workamper resume, how and where to submit that resume, and tips on the interviewing and hiring process as well as much other firsthand information. We will use material from our book, "So, you want to be a Workamper?"

Surviving an RV Show

We have attended many RV shows across the country both as spectators and as members of the media. It is all too easy to come away from one of these events with information overload. We discuss some strategies for pre-show preparation, in-show focus, and post show feedback to help get the most out of these events.

What in the World is a Podcast?

A Podcast is an audio or now even video file on the internet and available for download. We describe what a podcast is, how to subscribe to one,  and how podcasts are something RVers might be interested in listening to. We demonstrate how we produce our podcast as well as how to start your own internet broadcast. Kathy and I host the "Living the RV Dream" weekly 1 hour RV lifestyle podcast that has a worldwide following.

If you need RV Seminar Presenters

We would be happy to discuss your particular needs for RV seminar presenters. We are currently developing more seminars and we can customize something for your particular event. Contact us directly at for pricing and scheduling.

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