Show Notes for the Living the RV Dream Podcast

The Show Notes are produced when we write a paragraph or two with a description of each podcast we make. Unfortunately, they are incomplete as we did not retain the show notes for the first 80 shows. We are working on regenerating these, and we will add them to the list as we complete them.

Show Notes for the Living the RV Dream Podcast

LTRVD0397 Cold Weather RVing

Cold Weather RVing

Today’s show is all about Cold Weather RVing. More and more RVers want to extend their RV season to include some cold Weather RVing. Some are into skiing, some Ice Fishing, and others are into snowmobiling. Preventing fresh water lines and holding tanks from freezing, conservation of propane, and proper insulation are all important parts of the cold weather experience.

Preparing the Fresh Water System for Cold Weather Use

You must prepare your RV for winter RVing. If you will be in a campground with a working(and hopefully heated) shower house, you might winterize the water system and not use it at all. I’m not sure I would like to get up and go to the shower house in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. Assuming you will use all the facilities of your rig, we will start with the fresh water system.
A heated water hose to connect to the park water system is essential. You will plug in your heated hose to the regular hose bib. You can insulate the exposed part of the hose bib with bubble wrap wrapped over with duct tape. If you can’t afford a heated hose, you can purchase a length of electric heat tape. Lay the heat tape out along the length of the hose. Secure it at 1 foot intervals with electrical tape. Then cover the hose and heat tape with foam pipe insulation. Secure it with duct tape. It is a good practice to place a drop light with a 50 watt bulb in the wet bay where the water hose is connected. This will keep the bay with all its water plumbing warm and frost free.
If your rig has heating pads installed on the bottom of the fresh water tank and the gray and black water holding tanks, you are good to go! If not, you must run your propane furnace(s) occasionally to keep them from freezing. The other alternative is to buy after market heating pads made for RV holding tank use. They come in 120 volt AC and 13.5 volts DC. Check out the offerings from UltraHeat, Inc. at

Insulating Your RV For Winter Camping

Windows and doors are a constant source of air leakage. If your rig has dual pane windows, great! Just remember that the windshield on motorized units is not dual pane nor is the window in the entrance door on side door models. The windshield can be covered with pleated foil available under the Reflectix brand name and available in hardware stores and RV supply shops. Cut it to fit and tape it in place, then pull the curtain closed to add another barrier. An excellent way to insulate single pane windows is with plastic storm window kits also available at hardware stores. This lets you see out of the windows.
Wind is a big reason RV’s get cold in winter. They are up on wheels so the wind blows right under. This is the reason bridge roadways freeze up first. The cure for this is skirting for motorized and towable RV’s. Custom skirts can be purchased made of a vinyl material with snaps. They must be held to the ground with rocks or other weights. You can make your own skirting quite inexpensively with plywood held in place with stakes. Make sure to put skirting all the way around all four sides. Some folks will be tempted to use hay bales. This has several drawbacks. It is an extreme fire hazard around propane fired appliances. Secondly, it will attract mice and other rodents. There has been much material written on protection from mice and other critters. Some folks use moth balls, some essential oils, some commercial dryer sheets. Use whatever works for you, because mice want to be warm too.


Now that you have your rig well buttoned up and as air tight as you can, you need to consider condensation. It will form especially on windows, but also on ceilings as well. It’s part of the price you pay for being warmer than the outside air. A wonderful product called Damp-Rid can help quite a bit as well as providing some small amount of outside ventilation. A dehumidifier can be helpful as well, but must be emptied constantly.

Snow is not Your Friend

You have probably heard that snow is a good insulator, and it is, for igloos. For winter RVing, the snow will melt and refreeze as ice next to the roof or walls of your RV. Show on the roof will quickly exceed the rated roof weight load and should be brushed off after the storm stops. It is especially important to remove it from slide tops and slide top awnings. It’s OK to have it lap up against the skirting, as it will help to insulate that.

LTRVD0396 Full-time RV Living

<h2> Full-time RV Living</h2>

Full-time RV Living is the main subject of this week’s show. We’ve spent time on the last several shows talking about exit plans and other serious issues and today we start on a new series all about full-time RV Living and what a rewarding and fulfilling lifestyle it can be.


<h2>Do Your Homework</h2>

Doing your homework really means doing all the research and legwork to decide if Full-time RV Living is really for you and your spouse or partner. Living in a hallway 24/7 isn’t for everyone. This is also the time when you research all the types and brands of RVs that are available and start to narrow down the field to find your ideal RV. We certainly recommend our book “So, You Want to be an RVer?” as well as our website, as great places to start that homework and research.


<h2>Are You Out of Your Mind?</h2>

Unfortunately, this is what we sometimes hear from friends and family members after we announce our plans for Full-time RV Living. I don’t really know why some folks just have to try and deflate our plans and dreams, but it does happen frequently. Often, its just simple lack of knowledge. Perhaps a little jealousy creeps in as well. In any case, don’t be surprised when you get this kind of reaction.


<h2>It Isn’t a Full-time Vacation</h2>

What you are entering is really a special kind of lifestyle. It may seem like a full-time vacation, but you soon realize that this is going to become your new normal. If you continue to do “Express Touring” as so many new full-timers do, you will burn through money and fail to truly enjoy your new life on the road.


<h2>What About All Our Stuff</h2>

It can be quite intimidating to move from a fully furnished 3 or 4-bedroom home to a 350 square foot RV. Obviously, you can’t take it all with you. Once you have made the decision to live full-time in your RV, Yard Sales, Craig’s List, the Salvation Army, and many others will quickly take care of most of that “stuff”. Remember, its just “Stuff”, not gold. It is what’s holding you back from freedom touring our awesome country. If you have valuable antiques and family heirlooms, a storage unit may be in your future. I’ve never met anyone who couldn’t go full-timing because of too much stuff.


LTRVD0395 RVing Exit Strategy

<h2>RVing Exit Strategy</h2>

RV Exit Strategy is our main topic for this show. We have talked about the exit plan before when discussing goal setting for your RV adventures. It is the part of goal setting we spend the least time on because we want to get out and enjoy our country.


Certainly, that has been the case with Kathy and me. We knew we would come off the road at some point, but our focus was in the “Now”. We thought we would be RVing full-time for at least another 5 years. How wrong we were.


<h2>Life Happens</h2>

We were on our spring trip out of the south and headed up the Great River Road along the Mississippi river. We had been planning the trip for a whole year. Kathy’s sudden illness changed all that in an instant.


We were still living in our RV full-time, but going nowhere. We tried one trip and it was successful, but only because we had family along the way to receive her medications that are delivered weekly and must be refrigerated.


The decision to stop RVing full-time and get into a house was a very hard one, and we will not give up RVing entirely, but instead get a smaller rig and make shorter trips.


<h2>Planning for the inevitable</h2>

We discuss the practical issues around exit planning, especially the financial impact. Your planning needs to start as soon as you make the decision to become a full-time RVer. You simply must have a nest egg to fall back on. We talk about some ways to make that happen.


While this subject isn’t the most enjoyable part of our lifestyle, it can be the most important.


LTRVD0394 Our First Show

First Radio Show

We replay our First Radio Show as we are swamped with details of our changing lifestyle from full-time RVer to home-owner and part-time RVer.

End of a 13 Year Run

This is a tough time for us as we still love the full-time RV lifestyle, but we must change due to Kathy’s health needs and the need to maintain a steady supply chain for her meds. We have been out here for 13 years and we had planned on many more. We will be selling our 2004v Fleetwood Expedition diesel motorhome. It has served us very well during over 60,000 miles traveling our beautiful country. We will put it in the shop for some needed repairs and then we will put it up for sale.

The Radio Show

In this first of 18 weekly 1 hour radio broadcasts, we discuss how we got started RVing back in 2005. We hope you enjoy it, warts and all.

Moving Forward

We will continue to do the podcast on a weekly basis with all the same features we have had in the past. We will also keep up our website, We will especially continue to administer our Facebook groups and interact with all our RV friends. I will also try to get the monthly newsletter back on track. So really, the only change will be our not traveling full-time. We will be looking for a smaller rig such as a class C in the near future so we can still travel as much as Kathy’s supply chain will allow.

LTRVD0393 Is Fulltime RVing Right for You?

<h2>Is Full-time RVing Right for You?</h2>

We answer the question; “Is Full-time RVing for You?” The discussion starts by discussing living in a hallway 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Many couples cannot do this without some alone time and solitude.



 We lay out the pitfalls that await folks who are either under insured and who have no health care insurance. That can be a real disaster if you have a serious illness out away from your usual support system and no insurance to pay the bills. Can you both do the physical things you must do while RVing? Are your required meds available when you need them?


<h2>Full-time RVing Mindset</h2>

You both, or all if there are more than 2 of you, must have a mindset that puts you all on the same page as far as communication, willingness to commit, and having a well thought out plan for full-timing and a plan for exiting the lifestyle



Will you be selling everything to buy a rig and still have enough to enjoy the lifestyle? Do you have a fallback plan if full-time RVing doesn’t work out? We discuss adequate down payment on RVs as well as having a well thought out budget to ensure you can afford this new adventure.



Have you set goals for travel, both short term (one year) and long term (5 years and up)?



Have you found a workable floorplan that has enough space to have some Private time, as well as room for some hobbies, and room to cook if that is important?


<h2>Rig Capability</h2>

We lay out what is needed in the way of rig capability when climbing mountain passes; and is it small enough to park in State Parks



 Have you planned the type of itinerary you will use in your travels? We discuss traveling less and stopping more often as well as the “go go go” style also called “Express Touring”.


LTRVD0392 Gathering Rally Recap

<h2>Gathering Rally Recap</h2>

We do a Gathering Rally Recap on this week’s show. We had an awesome time at this year’s rally. Many of the folks who were at last year’s Gathering thought this one was even better. Those kinds of comments make us know we did a good job for our attendees.


<h2>Another RV Refrigerator Failure</h2>

This past Sunday evening, we returned to our rig to the overpowering smell of ammonia. I knew even before I looked at the refrigerator that the 3-year-old cooling system had failed. Fortunately, there was no fire as has happened to many other unlucky RV owners. Fortunately, we could use one of the park refrigerators to store Kathy’s meds for the night. Monday, we moved into one of the rental park model trailers until our rig is fixed.


We were fortunate to get an appointment at Campbell RV in Sarasota. We have used them before and they do quality RV repair work. We expect to have the rig back on Friday as you read this.


<h2>Southeastern Guide Dogs</h2>

We chose the Paws for Patriots program of Southeastern Guide Dogs as this year’s charity. They came in Thursday morning and gave a talk all about their programs. We knew then we had made a wise decision. During the rally, we had daily 50/50 drawings as well as a Chinese Auction. Proceeds from those activities raised $1000 for Southeastern Guide Dogs. I was so pleased to be able to deliver that money order to them this past week.


<h2>Rad Power Bikes</h2>

Rad Power Bikes has been a sponsor of our podcast for the last 4 months. Until the rally, I had never ridden one. Mike McIlhenny, one of our rally attendees had purchased one and brought it along. He offered test rides for all who were interested. Well, I was hooked! What a cool machine. I was among many of us who had huge smiles after we experienced this fun way to ride.


During our live recording of our podcast on Thursday evening of the Gathering rally, we were given a brand new Rad Mini power bike by our friend Mike Tischler. We were both totally blown away. I’ve had a lot of fun riding it.


<h2>Roger “Hurricane” Wilson</h2>

Roger “Hurricane” Wilson was our entertainer for this year’s Gathering rally. Fortunately, he was able to camp here for most of the event. Friday night he put on a 2-hour concert that had the audience glued to the performance. He plays in many styles, but blues are his roots.


<h2>Future Gatherings</h2>

Will we do this again? Good question that we have been asked often over the last week or so. We’re still a bit fried and no decision has been made. We’ll let you know through our podcast as well as our Facebook groups. For now, join the LTRVD Gathering Facebook Group for many pictures of this year’s event.


LTRVD0391 Extended Warranties

Our subject this week is Extended Warranties. It is a rerun of show number 367. John had a few medical procedures this week, so we’ll be back with all new material next week. We are quite fortunate to have with us Chris Yust, RV insurance specialist and agent. Chris was our guest once before for one of our most downloaded podcasts all about RV Insurance. Her company is C and C RV Insurance and the website is .

Controversial subject

This show is a complement to the earlier one. This time the primary subject is the RV Extended Warranty, or Extended Service Plan. This topic has become somewhat controversial with some folks questioning the cost of the premium as opposed to what they can set aside themselves for repairs. We’ll look at both sides.

We start with the difference between an extended warranty and an insurance policy. One point brought up early on is to check out any company offering an extended warranty with AMBEST, an independent insurance rating agency. Look them up at . Then we move forward to purchasing a dealer extended warranty, or not.

We discuss the difference between an inclusionary policy and an exclusionary policy and why the exclusionary one is best.

We get into claims and how they are processed with extended RV warranties. This includes the interaction between us, the customer, and the insurance company and the repair shop. This can be quite an involved process and the customer needs to understand it completely.

Next up is deductibles, that amount of your hard earned money you must pay when the work is done. Then we cover renewals, transfers, and cancellations.

Throughout this interview we stress that you must Read the Fine Print! Read your policy or contract.

LTRVD0390 Gathering RV Rally

We do our podcast live at the Gathering RV Rally. Just like last year, we set up our recording equipment on stage and did our entire show in fromt of our Gathering RV Rally audience. We had an awesome time!

Huge Surprise

At about the 42 minute mark on the show, My son came into the clubhouse riding a Rad Power eBike. Mike Tishler, an attendee at last year’s rally, read a beautiful tribute to Kathy and me about what we do for the RVers who listen to our show and how we give them great insights into the RV lifestyle. Then he presented that very eBike to us. We were blown away to say the very least! That was the most surprised I have ever been.

We’re on You Tube

Our friends and rally presenter Jim Guld from the Geeks on Tour videoed the entire show and live streamed it on You Tube. Check it out by searching on LTRVD Gathering

LTRVD0389 RV Insurance

RV Insurance

We interview Chris Yust all about RV Insurance. This is a rerun of show number 253. Between the upcoming rally and the currently happening hurricane, we didn’t get a new show up this week. Next week we’ll record our show live at the rally with questions from the rally participants.

LTRVD0388 RV Tips

RV Tips is the subject of this episode. From the mail to the end, we feature subjects and RV Tips that all RVers can use.

In the mail segment, we discuss such things as “where is the sweet spot in choosing a used rig that won’t lose too much value when resold in 3 or 4 years?” John talks about input on the Mobile RV Academy from a recent graduate who can now fix most RV issues that pop up.

We received information on a new GPS enabled product that can protect your RV by alerting you of movement of the rig and can also track it. The company is WHRZT as in where’s it? Check it out at .

Another interesting question that came out of email from a listener is how do you deal with bridges with low weight limits on the way to a campground. Some states, particularly in the west, have maps of bridges and their weight limits. I need to research this issue more.

A comment on our show about slide room maintenance brought out the fact that lighter weight rigs like Class C’s built on a Ford E-450 chassis will experience some chassis flex when certain wheels are elevated with blocks in order to level the rig. This can cause slide rooms to not travel the entire length of their mechanisms and bind up until the flex is removed.

Kathy and I will be live on the “Roadschool Moms” broadcast done by the folks at Fulltime Families. The show will start about 9:15 PM Eastern time Sunday evening the 2nd of October. The link is

John talked about boondocking and where you can and cannot dump grey water. This was a good discussion on how to get both holding tanks to need dumping at nearly the same time.

Kathy and John discussed how to enjoy an RV rally. Lots of good RV Tips here.

LTRVD0387 RV Storage Tips

<h2>RV Storage Tips</h2>

RV Storage tips are the main subject of this podcast. Since we are in Autumn going into winter, we also discuss winter camping.


<h2>Industry News</h2>

We also discussed a new quality initiative by Jayco to put American made Goodyear tires on all of their RV’s. That’s good news and we hope other manufacturers follow suit. We also talk about the new “Aire” series of 5th wheel trailers by DRV that all can be towed by trucks with single rear wheels. That fills a need long overlooked. Anyone attending our Gathering rally and staying for 30 days can get a good deal on golf cart rentals by calling Razor Carts at 815-378-9888.


<h2>Batteries and propane system storage tips</h2>

We tell you what should be done with your RV batteries during storage periods whether you remove them or leave them in the RV. We discuss how to keep your propane regulator from becoming invaded by insects.


<h2>Water system storage tips</h2>Next up we talk about how to secure all your fresh water components for long-term winter storage. We discuss low point drains, water heater draining, winterizing kits, and RV specific antifreeze. We also talk about securing tour holding tanks for winter storage.


<h2>Engine and Fuel System tips</h2>

John discuses winterizing the fuel tank and fuel system on motorized RVs. This goes hand in hand with how to do engine maintenance prior to storage.


<h2>refrigerator storage tips</h2>

Kathy talks about what to do with food storage areas and refrigerator. She also discusses interior insulation and methods to prevent insect and rodent infestation. These RV Storage Tips should help you to prepare your rig for its winter sleep.


LTRVD0386 RV Lifestyle Budget

<h2>RV Lifestyle Budget</h2>

Do you have any idea about the RV lifestyle budget? How much will it cost per month or per year to enjoy the RV lifestyle? Some folks swear they can’t do it for less than $500 per month. Others who boondock exclusively say they can do it for less than $100 per month. Somewhere in between is where most of us will be.

<h2> Fixed Costs</h2>

The fixed costs are those expenses that happen on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis that are pretty much the same all the time. These expenses include the RV, towed car, and/or towing vehicle if they are financed; vehicle insurance; extended warranty and towing insurance; vehicle registration; health insurance if you are less than 65 years ols and on Medicare; communications costs such as cellular telephone and data plans; satellite television if you have it; mail forwarding service charges and postage; and RV club and Camping Club dues. This is just a basic list and you may have other fixed regular expenses.


<h2>Variable or Controllable Costs</h2>

Variable costs of the RV lifestyle budget are those things that you have some way to reduce costs. These variable costs include fuel that is either gasoline, diesel, and/or propane; campground fees; laundry costs if you do not have a washer and dryer in your rig; banking fees such as ATM charges; and entertainment expenses are the main ones that come to mind, although you will probably have others.



<h2>The Formula for Success</h2>

These are some examples of some of the expenses you will have to track to get a handle on your costs to enjoy this wonderful lifestyle. Obviously, you must have one or more income streams to balance the expenses. Once you have identified all your expenses, add them up and subtract them from your total income. If you come up with a positive number, you are all set and can even put some money in the bank! If you come up with a negative number, you will need to look very closely at the variable expenses to see where you can trim. You may also need to do some workamping to make the ends meet. This podcast should give you plenty of food for thought about the RV lifestyle budget.


LTRVD0385 RV Weather Safety

<h2>RV Weather Safety</h2>

RV Weather Safety is the focus of this show. We will discuss many aspects of weather safety as it applies to RV’s and RVers. This is an important subject and the information presented here can save your life.


<h2>RV Inspection Connection</h2>

During the mail segment, we discussed where to get information on RV inspection, and we recommend the RV Inspection Connection as what we think is the very best place to go. We are an affiliate, so please mention Living the RV Dream when you call them.


<h2>Hurricanes and Tropical Storms</h2>

We discuss the physical makeup of these types of storms and where the potential danger spots are. Storm surge is a major consideration we talk about as well. Kathy and I mention how to get prepared for heavy weather and location the local storm shelter(s). Staying in your RV can be a very deadly decision and should not be taken lightly.

<h2>Storm Surge</h2>

Storm Surge can be the most dangerous part of a hurricane or Tropical Storm. Low lying areas can be flooded quickly bringing debris and snakes among other things.



Tornados can be spawned from hurricanes and tropical storms. They can have very powerful winds and warning is a matter of minutes. Keeping up to date with a weather radio is key to your safety.


<h2>Weather Radios</h2>

Our weather radio is our first line of defense against hurricanes, tropical storms, and other heavy weather. We have 2. One is a hand-held portable. The other is an AC powered and battery backed radio dedicated to the 7 NOAA radio weather channels. It is equipped with SAME (Specific Area Message Encoding) technology that allows the radio to receive only localized warnings. This feature must be programmed with SAME numbers from either the NOAA phone number 1-888-697-7263, or on-line at 


<h2>The “Go Bag”</h2>

Our Go Bag is up front in our RV very near the door. It contains all the essentials we will need after evacuating to a shelter after an emergency. We discuss all the items that should be in your “Go Bag”.


LTRVD0384 RV Slide Room Maintenance

<h2>Bad Power Pedestal</h2>

We talk RV Slide Room Maintenance in this edition. First off though, is a lot of mail. One very interesting email discussed a problem with a park electrical pedestal. This is an all too common problem, especially in older campgrounds with aluminum wiring.


<a href=""><img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-2803" src="" alt="Living The RV Dream Banner" width="2917" height="375" /></a>


<h2>RV Shows</h2>

Kathy read a list of upcoming RV Shows. We also discuss our pamphlet “How to Survive an RV Show, and Have a Great Time Doing it” It is available on Check it out, it could save you a lot of steps and time as well as a lot of money.


<h2>RV Slide Room Maintenance</h2>

RV Slide Rooms are designed to be “More High Tech that High Maintenance”, but the RV Slide Room Maintenance requirements that are there are very important. Lubrication is key as is using the proper lubricants. Seals both inside and outside must be inspected periodically and also need treatment to remain soft and pliable. We discuss methods of manual override to close slide rooms when there is no power present. We also caution RVers NOT to adjust slide rooms and to use trained RV Technicians to do this type of work. We also talk about the preventive maintenance to be done on your slide rooms.

Slide rooms seem to have quite a few failures as evidenced by many Facebook comments and complaints. We try to emphasize that adequate 12-volt power to the slide room is the main failure mode that prevents proper slide room movement.


LTRVD0383 RVing NH to FL

We’re RVing NH to FL on our way back from the Escapees Escapade in Essex Junction, VT. We cover our route and some of the issues we were faced with on our way home.

We had one of those “GPS lies” moments in NH on US Rt 4 where we were supposed to detour but no road was selected. That put us on a one way trip up a 15 degree grade the wrong way. It was exciting to say the least.

We describe the Military FamCamps we stayed at in Georgia at Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base, and at the Aberdeen, MD Army Proving Ground. We also discuss some of the campgrounds we stopped at along the way.

LTRVD0382 Greg Gerber Interview

We’re proud of our Greg Gerber Interview. Greg is the editor of the RV Industry newsletter RV Daily Report and the RV consumer newsletter Let’s RV . He’s been a good friend for several years now since we convinced him to get an RV and hit the road.

It was becoming an RVer himself and going through some of the same things all of us go through getting our rigs fixed that prompted him to write about the sad state of the RV Industry today.

Yes, RV’s are selling faster than any time in the last 8 years, but quality is routinely terrible, there are fewer campsites available, dealer service experiences are as bad as the initial build quality. All this prompted Greg to write an 8-piece commentary about the “Death Spiral of the RV Industry”.

In this Greg Gerber Interview, he covers what made him write the piece in the first place and some of the background material.

LTRVD0381 Escapade 2016 Interviews

This is our second show with Escapade 2016 Interviews. We were able to do 5 interviews before we ran out of time. Perhaps we can get even more next year at the 2017 Escapade in Tucson, AZ in March. Get much more information at .

This week we interview Marianne Edwards and her daughter Anna Maste who are the principals at Boondockers Welcome. This is a website somewhat similar to Harvest Hosts, but it matches up boondockers needing a place to stay with folks who have an RV pad, or even limited hookups. The interactive map allows you to see the approximate area where the host site is located, and after you make a connection, you will be given explicit directions to the site. This is an excellent way to make good camping connections and at $24.95 a year, it’s a bargain as well. Check them out at . Marianne is also the author of the excellent Frugal Shunpiker’s Guides to RV Boondocking. Check out this series of boondocker books at .

We had a great time at the Escapade but we ran into a snag on US4 in New York in Glen’s Falls on the way there. Apparently I missed a detour and ended up going up a road with a 12-degree grade that was one way…the other way. Of course I met someone going the other way. She had to back up and wasn’t too happy about it. It’s all part of the adventure.

Our second of the Escapade 2016 Interviews was with our good friends Chris and Jim Guld aka the Geeks on Tour. We have known these folks for about 7 years and we meet from time to time in different parts of the country. These folks are very well known in the RV community for their seminars all about how to use our new technology. They’re even better than our 10-year-old grand children at helping us to come into the 21st century, sometimes kicking and screaming. We were fortunate to have had them at our Gathering rally last year and they will be back this year in October for the 2016 edition of the Living the RV Dream Gathering rally. Check out the Geeks at their website at ./

LTRVD0380 Escapees and Full Time Families

Escapees and Full Time Families are the subject of this week’s show. We are in Essex Junction, VT at the 56th Escapees RV Club Escapade. Kathy and I have had a very full week here both presenting 2 seminars and manning a booth to sell our books.

We sure appreciate all the listeners of our podcast as well as folks in our Facebook group who came up and introduced themselves. Kathy started to write the names down but she quickly got overwhelmed. Thanks to all of you who came by to meet us as well as to buy our books.

Travis and Melanie Carr were named the President and Vice President of the Escapees RV Club  this week, succeeding his parents, Bud and Kathy Carr. We interviewed them by phone a few months back and they were gracious enough to give us some time yesterday during a lull in the action to do another interview. I think you will enjoy what they have to say now and about the future of the Escapees RV Club.

Kimberly Travaglino and her husband are the principals of the Full Time Families organization. We have been chasing them all over the country for an interview and our schedules finally allowed one. Kimberly gives us a good overview of the group and some insight on how they are able to raise, homeschool, and care for a family of 4 young kids while travelling full time in an RV.

We hope you enjoy these interviews as much as we did doing them.


LTRVD0379 RVing I75

We are on the move RVing I95 on our way to The Escapees RV Club Escapade rally in Essex Junction, Vermont. Last week we were in southern Georgia when we did the show. This week we are in Aberdeen, Maryland, and we’ll be in Vermont on Saturday.

So far, we have only been RVing I95. We did all of Georgia, South and North Carolina, Virginia, and now most of Maryland. The best roads and coincidently the lowest gas pieces were in South Carolina. It was quite noticeable. It seems that in every state, the bridges are the very worst for bumpy ride and solid drops and rises when going on and off the bridges. The worst of all roads was I495 around Washington, DC.

We’ve stayed at some nice campgrounds along the way. The first night out of Georgia, we stopped at Bass Lake campground in Dillon, South Carolina. This was a nice Passport America affiliate and we got the PA rate of $18.00. Here is their website

The next night found us just north of Richmond, Virginia at the Americamps RV Resort in Ashland. We were there visiting with our good friends Bill and Kris Osborne. What fun getting together with old friends while on the road. It was a nice park with many amenities. The web address is .

We have spent most of the last week at the Marylander Family Campground on base at the Aberdeen Proving Ground. This is a very nice small 11 site campground. There is another on base called the Shore campground with more spaces, but this one suits us just fine. We will be returning for a week on our way back from the Escapade. If you are a retired veteran, active duty military, or DOD civilian, you are eligible to use the military FamCamp system with campgrounds all across the country. Go to the US Military Campgrounds and RV Parks website at for much more information on this wonderful benefit we have for having served.

We finish up with a short discussion of our upcoming rally, the Gathering at Horseshoe Cove RV Resort in Bradenton, Florida from the 11th to the 16th of October. Email for more information. We also discussed our books “So, You Want to be an RVer?” and “So, You Want to be a Workamper?” that are available on Amazon as well as autographed copies available at the Store page on our website. We will honor our offer of a free Kindle file of each autographed book you order. Here is the link

LTRVD0378 Amelia Island

Amelia Island

Our visit to Amelia Island, FL has been the highlight of our trip to the Escapees Escapade so far. Amelia Island is located in coastal Florida just south of the Georgia border. The island is home to Fernandina Beach, county seat of Nassau county, FL. Much of the downtown part of the city was built in the 1860’s to 1880’s with many Victorian houses. The bulk of them have been lovingly restored. Also recently restored is the Train Depot, now serving as the Amelia Island Tourist Development Council. It was our first stop to get brochures and information.


Kings Bay Naval Base

We are staying at the King’s Bay Naval Submarine Base near St. Marys, GA. We have a really nice landscaped pull-thru campsite at the Eagle Hammock Family Campground on base. Add 50A full hookups and free Wi-Fi and Free Cable TV and you have a great deal for $19/night. You will need to be either active or retired military to use this park.


Fort Clinch

Part of our Amelia Island visit was a trip to tour historic Fort Clinch. It was originally built as part of a line of fortifications during the Seminole war and later was occupied by first the Confederate army and then the Union army during the Civil War. It was also used during the Spanish American war and World War II. Never fully completed, it was restored by the Civilian Conservation Corps during the 5 years leading up to the second world war.


Loose Slideout Gearbox Bolts

During our reader mail segment, an interesting point was brought up about the possibility of Slide motor gearbox bolts possibly being loose on Newmar motorhomes. It could also affect other brands. Here is the link

LTRVD0377 Fixing Poor RV Quality

Fixing Poor RV Quality is the main subject of this week’s podcast. We describe the problem and offer some solutions to it.

We also discuss our first Living the RV Dream newsletter that went out on July 1st. We received a lot of mail about it and all positive. Once I fixed some issues with the graphics, it looked really good on every platform we could find.

We jumped right in to the quality issues with today’s RV’s from almost every manufacturer. I came up with 4 key issues although there are certainly more.

One was the issue of poor supplier quality. These outside suppliers provide all the appliances used in today’s RV’s. They also provide the troublesome slide mechanisms that apparently are not tested under the vibration that our RV’s face every day, even on “smooth” roads. They also need an expert to adjust in order for them to work properly. Leveling jacks and the associated hydraulic system that goes with it are a constant source of problems. The plumbing for the hot and cold fresh water systems are rife with poorly made connectors that leak as well as just separate to let the water flood the RV.

The second key area we discussed was poor design. Some larger RV’s seem to have miniscule cargo carrying capacity. Many have very poor serviceability. There is little or no provision to access important things like inverters, hydraulic pumps, and other items that need to be accessed for service. Livability is a big issue with many new rigs designed by people who have never set foot in an RV, let alone had to spend a weekend in one.

Key quality item number 3 the lack of manufacturing line worker training on today’s complex systems in our RV’s. We have visited many RV manufacturing plants, and I have seen much apparent worker apathy. There seems to be a general lack of build standards to which the worker builds to.

The fourth key quality item that probably should be first is management’s tendency to place profit above quality. They seem deaf to customer satisfaction or the “Voice of the Customer.” There seems to little willingness to invest in better quality practices. There also seems to be a pervasive willingness to let the delivering dealer fix the problems made by the factory. Couple that with the manufacturer’s lack of desire to pay realistic rates to their dealers for warranty service.

Dealers get their lumps as well. Many dealers seem to have a “sell it and forget it” mentality. A low ratio of RVIA certified technicians is another major issue. New techs do not get enough on the job training before they are working on customer units by themselves. Many, many sales force people are not familiar with the RV lifestyle. Couple all that with an unwillingness to do warranty work on units not sold by the dealer.

Finally, our government’s unwillingness to pass an RV lemon law contributes to the downward spiral referred to by Greg Gerber in his continuing series on the “RV Industry Death Spiral.”

Due to my background in manufacturing quality operations, I have some pretty good ideas on how to start to turn this issue of poor quality around. It will not come easy, quick, or cheap. For those reasons, management has a very hard time buying into adding expense for quality initiatives that take several years to bear fruit. I talk at some length, sometimes using “quality speak” to outline a plan to reverse these quality issues and improve initial customer satisfaction.

LTRVD0376 RV Controversies

The first of our RV Controversies is Why Auxiliary Braking Systems? There is always controversy when this subject comes up in a discussion. Are they really worth the more than a thousand-dollar expense?

The answer is a resounding YES. Some states require it on all towed vehicles. Other states have requirements based on weight of the towed vehicle. What is little known is that a thorough look at a database of towing laws of the 50 states will show that an emergency Breakaway switch is required in most states. That switch is connected to an auxiliary braking system to stop the vehicle if it is disconnected from the towing vehicle.

Motorhome brakes are only rated for the weight of the motorhome, not the towed vehicle as well. That is a lot of extra weight pushing on the rig in a panic stop. Insurance claims adjusters will look very hard at non-equipped units. Let’s face it, having an auxiliary braking system is just common sense as well as peace of mind.

Next we discuss our new affiliates, Wholesale Warranties and TechnoRV . We also discuss how affiliate advertising works and how we benefit from it.

The next of our RV Controversies is Extended Warranties or service plans. We try to get into the why’s of it and reasons to have this coverage. The why’s are simply the high cost of RV repairs, the shocking likelihood of RV repairs, and to prevent spikes in repair bills and overpayment due to unexperienced RV repair facilities. We go into some detail on these.

We discuss the 2 main types of RV extended warranties; the comprehensive policy and the exclusionary policy and the differences of the 2. We briefly go over a list of exclusions in an exclusionary policy.

The third of our RV Controversies is Free RV Park Wi-Fi. We start with a brief discussion of exactly what Wi-Fi is, and which devices have the strongest radios to receive and transmit Wi-Fi signals. We go into some detail about the lack of security of Wi-Fi connections and the possibility of eavesdropping on your data stream.

Two things we discuss are these warnings:

The only way to protect yourself is to pay attention to the
number one rule of Internet security – NEVER ever use
the same password twice. DON’T DO IT!

XP has reached the point where it is no longer being supported
with security updates from Microsoft, and the core security in XP
is long obsolete. At the same time, the Russian Mafia is still very
actively supporting Windows XP, and hacker tools for exploiting
XP systems are thriving.

We spend quite a bit of time explaining bandwidth and bandwidth restrictions of must RV park Wi-Fi systems. We touch on the similar problems with pay services like Tengo Internet. We explain how some of the same bandwidth restrictions can also apply to cell towers and cellular communications.

LTRVD0375 RV Service Academy

The RV Service Academy is the focus of this week’s show with an interview with Mike Tibbs, Operations manager and head instructor at this school for budding RV service technicians. We had driven by their building for years and we finally got to do an interview.

This business has been around since 1986 and this is their 30th year of continuous operation. They are located at 1012 10th St East in Palmetto, FL. The web address is

The classes at the RV Service Academy are quite thorough and cover almost every aspect of servicing RVs of all types. There is not, however, any training on engines or chassis. The 10 week course covers pretty much everything else in an RV. Classes are 8 hours a day 5 days a week and cover basic electricity in 12 hours as well as 40 more hours on advanced RV electrical systems with a very heavy emphasis on Safety. That same safety focus is carried forward in the 12 hours of training in LP gas. Other course modules cover the entire range of RV appliances including water heaters, gas furnaces, absorption refrigerators, LP ranges and ovens, air conditioners, and generators. Many other topics are covered including hydraulics, fresh and waste water systems and toilets, Trailer hitches and hitch systems, as well as awnings and other accessories.

After 400 hours of training, students take a comprehensive final exam to become RVSA Certified Technicians. We all know about the severe shortage of qualified service technicians in the RV industry and RVSA graduates many techs that go on to work at dealerships as well as starting their own RV service businesses. Starting salaries for these new graduates can range from $15/hr. up to over $40/hr.

The RV Service Academy holds 4 classes per year. Class size is limited to 18. They are approved for Veterans’ training for those who qualify through the Department of Veterans’ Affairs. There is no room or board available and students must find local housing. There are several RV parks and many motels in the area.


For more information, call (941) 722-5256.

LTRVD0374 National Park Maps

We found a link to an excellent website with links to over a thousand National Park Maps to over 90 National Parks and Monuments. The site is  Matt Holly, the author of this website, is a park ranger. During the government shutdown in 2013, having nothing to do, Matt developed this website and started filling it with national park maps. The maps come from all over the national park system’s hundreds of web pages, and took a lot of research to dig out. Many are hiking maps showing the many trails within the park. Some are topographic maps of some of the remote regions of these parks. Next time you plan a trip to one of our national parks, check out this excellent site.

We look at a short eBook from our friend Terry Cooper concerning the 5 questions you must ask and have answers to before buying an RV. First and foremost is “Why?” Why do I want to do this and will I be satisfied with the decision? From there we go on to whether or not one can live comfortably in such a small space, and what amenities and features do you need or want. Next we discuss who can help you evaluate the RV you have found, and last but not least, how can you learn more about this lifestyle? Terry is a principal with the RV Inspection Connection at .

We have at long last repaired our main email address for contacting us. From now on, please use for all correspondence. You will get responses from that email address.

Our plans to take the motorhome up to Essex Junction, VT for the Escapees RV Club Escapade rally are moving ahead very quickly. We have arranged for at least 4 shipments of Kathy’s medical supplies along the way and everything is green lighted. We’re quite excited as we’ve been stationary here in Florida for 17 months. We have Hitch Itch really bad!

We are starting up a monthly (for now) newsletter called Living the RV Dream (imagine that). It will have new information on the latest happenings in the RV Industry and lifestyle. We will give you some behind-the-scenes looks at Living the RV Dream. We'll also have information on upcoming promotions in our store as well as events where we will be attending. Check it out, I think you will enjoy it! We will not share readers’ e-mail addresses or other contact information with anybody else and never will. On each page of the Living the RV Dream website is a block in the top of the left column for the Newsletter. Fill out your email address in the block on the top of the left hand column and press the subscribe button. You will receive a confirmation email to ensure you want to subscribe. The web address is

 LTRVD0373 Planning our Trip

We discuss planning our Trip this July from Florida to Essex Junction, VT by way of our kid’s place in Maryland. We are using all our usual resources for this. First we plan the stop in MD on the way up as well as on the way back. We start with the US Military Campgrounds and RV Parks website ( ) to find the nearest Famcamp.

The next step for planning our trip is to start a new file in the DeLorme Street Atlas software on my computer. That allows me to plot out the best and most direct route as well as calculating fuel costs and best times to fuel up.

Next is the Passport America website where we determine if there are any discount parks along our route where we might stop for a night. We also use the Good Sam RV Travel guide to check the ratings on the parks we might choose.

Then we lay it all out on a calendar page to include campground reservation numbers, where and when we will be staying at a campground and try to fill in any blanks on the schedule. This is also when we lay out the budget for fuel, camping, and outside meals. We also have to take into account the logistics of Kathy’s weekly and monthly medical supply deliveries.

Kathy discusses working at Dollywood as a seasonal employee. It is not traditional workamping as Dollywood does not provide camping spaces. There are great perks however, including a healthcare clinic. The work is 3 or 4 9 to 11 hour days working in House and Grounds, Food and Merchandise, and Attractions (rides). The pay starts at $9.00/hr. For more information, call 865-HAVE-FUN.

We introduce our new Facebook Group, Living the RV Dream Sales and Swaps. The group is for private party sales of anything RV. No dealers are allowed.

LTRVD0372 Finding RV Campsites

We talk all about finding RV campsites in both public and private campgrounds on this podcast. During the mail segment, we read an interesting way folks steal your vehicle by stealing the security code transmitted when you use the lock on the key fob. Use the manual lock button to prevent this.

Finding RV Campsites seems to come up a lot on ours and other Facebook groups. It’s really not so hard using some of the many websites and apps available to us. We discuss the ones that have worked for us over the years in some detail.

Our go-to app is the AllStays Camp and RV app available for IOS and Android devices. It’s powerful Filtering allows you to view many types of camping places and services along with low bridges by height. The display can be both 2 dimensional or satellite views. The GPS will track your speed as well. Clicking on a campground icon will bring up the phone number, website, directions, images, and reviews along with general information like number of sites, special conditions, and a price range. The app is $9.99. 

We also use another app called CoPilot. This app is somewhat unique in that it loads all maps in memory so a GPS enabled device will not require a WiFi signal to operate and navigate. Check it out at

RV Parking is a website that has information on over 20,000 parks with very useful filters to narrow down your search.  A similar program and app is RV Parky with information on over 25,000 parks in the US and Canada.

The Ultimate US RV Campground Project app at $3.99 is a very useful tool for finding RV Campsites in the public sector. It lists over 21,000 facilities that run the gamut from full service campgrounds to remote back packing sites, A good buy at $3.99

This list would not be complete without talking about RV Park Reviews. This website has reviews by campers of locations throughout the US. There is a map and a form for submitting reviews.

We also discussed apps by Passport America, KOA, and a wonderful National Parks app from National Geographic. Check it out at

Kathy talks about the upcoming Avon, OH Duck Tape Festival June 17th to the 19th. Don’t miss this one where over 60,000 people come every year.

LTRVD0371 Coach House RV

We discuss our visit to the Coach House RV plant in this week’s podcast. It is located here in Florida’s west coast in Nokomis just off of I-75.

After the mail, we lead off with an explanation of the just released information on the settlement of the latest Class Action Lawsuit against Norcold for problems with its’s gas absorption refrigerators. The total settlement will be $36 million dollars with the first 25% or $9 million going to the lawyers. Much of the rest will go to administrative expenses and advertisement of the settlement. In the end, owners of the subject units might get anywhere from $166 (most likely) to $3319.92. More information can be found at . Deadline for submitting claims is 11:59 PM Aug. 26th, 2016.

We had a very nice time visiting the factory at Coach House RV. These class B and B+ rigs are easily the very best in their class. The fiberglass shells are built as single piece units in huge molds. All are built using hand laid fiberglass matts and carbon fiber reinforcement where needed. This gives a truly leak proof body.  These rigs are also true 4 season units with R-18 insulation on all sides as well as in the floor.

All the high-end appliances are individually tested before they are installed in a coach, something I have never seen at any other manufacturer. Some work force members have been with the company for over 20 years and the quality they put into these rigs shows up constantly. They have their own cabinet shop and upholstery shop. They also have a dedicated paint booth and fiberglass work-up area.

Customer loyalty is almost fanatical, and many have their rigs after 20 years or more. The folks at Coach House RV certainly know their product and their market and they are at the very top in customer loyalty and product build quality. I know this sounds like a commercial, but we are not compensated by them, but we are simply impressed with the product.

John finishes up the tutorial on electric bicycles or eBikes with a discussion on what makes them cost so much more than conventional bikes. It’s the motor, and more so the battery that makes the difference as I explain.

LTRVD0370 RV Park Necessities

Our list of RV Park Necessities is different for several types of parks. We go into detail about overnight stops, 2 or 3 day stops, and resort type destination type campgrounds.

For overnight stay type pf campground, we are primarily concerned with the ease of getting there from our route of travel, and the ease of access to the park and the sites. We rarely use any park amenities on these types of stops.

RV Park Necessities for a 2 or 3-night stay add some local sights to see as well as possibly a laundry room and pool. Usually we are there to see a nearby attraction.

When it comes to RV destination resorts, our list of RV Park Necessities grows accordingly. Now we want to see many amenities like tennis and pickelball courts, large swimming pool and accompanying spa, fenced dog park, dog washing areas, rig washing areas, restaurant and/or bar, and other resort like things. We would like to know if our site has access to satellite TV. We would like to be escorted to our site. We go on some more in the podcast.

I didn’t include WiFi, free or otherwise as I have my own opinion on it. “Free” WiFi is never free. The costs are just passed on to the camper, and that is as it should be. The expectation that a campground should provide service as good or better that what you pay for at home is just unrealistic.

There are many RV Park Necessities that we believe should be a given for any type of park. That includes knowledgeable and welcoming staff; maintenance of park utilities and grounds is up to date and on-going; the park website is accurate and timely and pictures reflect actual conditions; staff knowledge of individual site conditions like access to satellite TV as well as length and width; and so many other things that make even a short stay enjoyable and cost the campground little.

LTRVD0369 Live Stream RV Course

We are helping to announce the new Live Stream RV Course put on by Terry Cooper aka the Texas RV Professor and Steve Anderson, president at Workamper News. We’re quite excited as this gives folks who can’t attend the 5-day course in person can be there with U Tube live streaming. It is also more economical than attending the Live course. For a video explaining the details of the Live Stream RV Course, go to

After the mail, we continue our discussion of electric bicycles or eBikes. We talk about what differentiates them from conventional bikes, especially the motors and batteries.

We talk about why tire temperatures derived from the sensors of a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) do not give an accurate measurement of the Contained Air Temperature (CAT) but only the much cooler temperature at the end of a metal valve stem and valve extension.

We discuss at some length how the podcast is supported by Amazon book sales, Amazon affiliate sales, Google ads, our other affiliates Passport America, Workamper News, Escapees RV Club, TechnoRV among others. Donations are also a source of income to support the show. We will need to purchase some new equipment in the near future both to replace aging equipment and new items to enhance our ability to do interviews.

LTRVD0368 Writing for Money

We talk writing for money from your RV in an interview with Nick Russell. Nick is a prolific writer publishing 4 to 5 books a year. He started with RV books and has now moved on to mysteries. All this in addition to a very popular daily blog at In this show, we discuss how you can make money writing from the comfort of your RV. We cover all types of writing including pamphlets, newsletters, blogs, up to writing novels.

We spend a good bit of time on blogging and whether to use a free service like Google Blogger, or to develop your own web page. We discuss many of the ways to monetize a blog such as Google ads, sponsored ads, affiliate programs, and others.

One of the main points made early on is that if you want to make money writing, you must treat your writing like a job and devote the time required to become successful. I was told by Nick that if you have a real passion for something, like our passion for RVing, then you probably have at least one book in you.

We cover book publishing, mainly by Amazon in their eBook (Kindle Direct Publishing), and print program (Create Space), as well as vanity publishers. We even spend a little time discussing traditional publishers. We also cover jobs that support writers such as eBook and print formatting services, manuscript editing and proof reading, and cover design. Authors are in constant need of these services.

LTRVD0367 Extended RV Warranties

Our subject this week is Extended RV Warranties. We are quite fortunate to have with us Chris Yust, RV insurance specialist and agent. Chris was our guest once before for one of our most downloaded podcasts all about RV Insurance. Her company is C and C RV Insurance and the website is .

This show is a complement to the earlier one. This time the primary subject is the RV Extended Warranty, or Extended Service Plan. This topic has become somewhat controversial with some folks questioning the cost of the premium as opposed to what they can set aside themselves for repairs. We’ll look at both sides.

We start with the difference between an extended warranty and an insurance policy. One point brought up early on is to check out any company offering an extended warranty with AMBEST, an independent insurance rating agency. Look them up at . Then we move forward to purchasing a dealer extended warranty, or not.

We discuss the difference between an inclusionary policy and an exclusionary policy and why the exclusionary one is best.

We get into claims and how they are processed with extended RV warranties. This includes the interaction between us, the customer, and the insurance company and the repair shop. This can be quite an involved process and the customer needs to understand it completely.

Next up is deductibles, that amount of your hard earned money you must pay when the work is done. Then we cover renewals, transfers, and cancellations.

Throughout this interview we stress that you must Read the Fine Print! Read your policy or contract.

LTRVD0366 Guns and RV’s

Guns and RV’s are the only subject of this week’s show. We interviewed Nick Russell, editor of the very well-known Gypsy Journal electronic newspaper about the RV lifestyle and the daily blog by the same name.

I know Nick as a newspaper guy but also as a very knowledgeable Gun Guy. Brought up in a law enforcement household, experience in the US Army infantry, and later on in several agencies of Arizona Law Enforcement, Nick is my go-to source for firearm related information, especially as it applies to living in RV’s with guns.

We covered a lot of ground in a short time, and I really wanted to emphasize the hard decision making process that needs to happen before an RVer decides to purchase a firearm. We discussed Concealed Carry Permits and the differences in some State’s laws concerning this. This went into trying to be current on the gun laws of the states we as RVers will both stop in and travel through.

Here are some good resources:

·         Legal Heat is an Android App featuring comprehensive concealed and open carry law summaries of the 50 States written by attorneys.

·  The Internet’s Premier database for Concealed Carry Handgun and Firearms Law.

·         The 2016 Traveler's Guide to the Firearms Laws of the Fifty States. A book by J. Scott Kappas available on for $10.73

We talk at some length about what is the best firearm to have in an RV. There are some well publicized myths about this that were also addressed. We talked about shotguns and the proper loads to use in the close confines of an RV park as well as pistols and types of pistol ammunition best for use inside an RV.

This short audio is by no means a comprehensive guide for Guns and RV’s, but an introduction to a very serious subject.

LTRVD0365 e Bikes e Bikes are the main feature of this week's podcast. We have taken on Evelo electric bikes as a podcast sponsor and we are excited to explore this technology that will certainly interest RVers.

We have been privileged to have Nick and Terry Russell of the Gypsy Journal, Charles and Chris Yust of C and C RV Insurance, and Jim and Chris Guld, aka Geeks on Tour here at Horseshoe Cove for a while. We’ve enjoyed some great experiences with these folks all across the country and it has been a treat to have them here all in the same place.

We fielded some interesting mail this week and covered many interesting topics.

As stated earlier, this week’s feature is an introduction to e Bikes and how they might be a benefit to RVers. We are quite excited to learn all about this new and emerging technology and we start out with some basics on what an e Bike is and how it is so similar to a standard bike. E Bikes seem to offer a really good benefit to all levels of bike users, especially to those of us who are perhaps “bike challenged” by being so easy to ride with confidence.

We conclude with information on this year’s Gathering Rally here at Horseshoe Cove on October 11th to the 16th. We discuss some of our presenters and other features of this year’s rally. Check out this week’s show!!

LTRVD0364 Nebraska Travel Stops

We discuss Nebraska Travel Stops in today’s podcast. In the mail segment, one of our Australian listeners sent a great email started by “G’day Kathy and John”. They also sent a picture of a tea towel with a really nice bit of verse called the “Caravanner’s Creed”. A picture of that towel is below. I hope you can read the words.

We did the Nebraska Travel Stops segment because someone on our Facebook group said he didn’t see how he would ever spend a night in Nebraska because there was nothing there. Well, we know better. We spend the bulk of the show on things to see and do in Nebraska. Check out the Nebraska Travel Guide here

One of our favorite Nebraska Travel Stops is the Harold Warp Pioneer Village Museum. It is complete with world class museum, hotel, restaurant, and a 125 space RV Campground. Here is their website . There is so much to see in their 28 buildings that the ticket is good for 2 days, and you will need that time to see everything. Much more time if you stop to read all the signs and information posted.


LTRVD0363 Good RV Information

We give out a lot of good RV information in this last show of March.

In the mail, we got some great places to visit along the Great River Road along the Mississippi River. There is a 100-mile Garage Sale in the towns along Lake Peppin in Minnesota and Wisconsin. You’ll want to visit the National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium. Their website is  The Potosi Brewery in Potosi, Wisconsin is along the river across from DuBuque, IA. Its more than a brewery. It also houses a quaint pub and museum. Website is

In Alma, Fountain City, Trempealeau, Genoa, and just south of Lynxville, visitors are able to see ships passing through the locks. Each has an observation deck. Check out

Then we do some humorous bits on “You might be an RVer if…” and some tongue in cheek definitions of some unique RV words.

We discuss How to read Road Grade signs and a little on how to drive up and down grades. We so the simple math to describe what a certain degree of grade really means.

John lists some very useful websites and apps for RVers to use in their summer travels. Included is Trip Advisor, the granddaddy of all travel websites. Type in any town or city in America and you’ll find links to restaurants, lodging, attractions, and more. . The Historical Marker Database is a listing of every one of these interesting and informative signs in the whole country. Check out . Bridge Hunter is a database of historic or notable bridges in the United States both past and present. It is at . History Here, from the folks at the History Channel, is an interactive travel guide to thousands of historic locations across the US. It has photos, videos, and maps. Check it out at  . Of course the Milepost is the must-have travel guide to Alaska. Their website is . If you are going to the West coast, U.S. 101 Mile by Mile is well worth a look at . Legends of America is a site to find stuff from Route 66 to ghost towns, legends, myths, historic forts, and more. It is at . Here is a directory of travel websites on  . If you are a Civil War Buff this Civil War Trust site has everything you will need at . Landmark Hunter is a database of historic and notable landmarks in the US both past and present .

Kathy talks about a lot of fun facts about how common household items can be repurposed for other uses.


LTRVD0362 RV Boo Boos

RV Boo Boos are the main subject of this show. First though, we give an update on the I-75 road closure in Tennessee. Both southbound and one northbound lane are now open according to the State Department of Transportation website, .

Next we talk all about our trip to the town of Tarpon Springs. Located at the northernmost part of Pinellas county above Tampa, Tarpon Springs was the largest sponge operation in the entire country in the 1920’s. Most of that has been replaced by foreign competition, but the docks remain along with much of the Greek heritage that made the town what it is today. We stopped first at one of the 4 visitor centers, this one near the city marina and sponge docks. Call them at 727 937-8028 for more information. We’ll do a blog post with many pictures.

We start the RV Boo Boos section with a detailed account of how one RVer handled dropping his 5th wheel trailer on the bed of his pick-up truck. He went into a lot of detail on how it happened, how they handled the aftermath, and how they fixed the truck.

Next we recount many of the stories told in a thread on the Living the RV Dream Facebook group all about RV Boo Boos. There were stories of showering while driving, sliding out of the bed after a sudden stop, and many others that were funny only after the fact. There are a lot of lessons learned here.

LTRVD0361 Workamping National Parks

We discuss Workamping National Parks in a segment where Kathy discusses working for a concierge company that supplies seasonal workers for our National Parks. One of the companies we know well is Xanterra,  who supplies workers for the Grand Canyon among other locations.

We talk at length about what people think they should have known more about before starting out in the RV lifestyle. This came from a question asked on our Living the RV Dream Facebook group. The question was “What’s the one thing you wish you had known or learned about before beginning the RV lifestyle?” Kathy and I did our take and advice on some of the answers to that inquiry.

We’ll be moving back to the Horseshoe Cove RV Resort at the end of the month and continuing the planning for this year’s Gathering rally in October from the 11th to the 16th. For more information, send an email to

We also asked if anyone has information on electric bikes as we are considering getting them. Please respond to on that and any other topics or questions.

LTRVD0359 Spring RV Preparations

Spring RV Preparations are the main segment of this week’s show. During the email segment, we received an answer to a listener question about how to make a map with all the places they have visited with attached pictures. We got a great answer from Keith Cooper on using a spreadsheet file to upload to MY Maps in Google Maps. Keith provides an example in a blog post at .

In the main segment, we cover many aspects of Spring RV Preparations. We start with removing the cover if you use one. Then we cover reinstalling and charging the rig batteries along with filling propane tanks.

Then we move forward to checking vital fluids in motorized rigs engines as well as in generators. We discuss exercising your generator with a load.

Next up we cover repacking wheel bearings and checking tires for dry rot cracks and airing them up to the recommended cold pressure. We also check all smoke, carbon monoxide, and lp gas alarms and replace batteries as necessary.

Next up is a test of all propane fired appliances. We save the water heater until after we de-winterize the fresh water system by removing all antifreeze from the system. This is a good time to sanitize the fresh tank as well.

Next we fire up air conditioners and check all circuit breakers and GFCI circuits. This is also a good time to flush both the grey and black water holding tanks. Check all your water hoses as well as sewer hoses for leaks now as well.

The first trip in your rig should be a short shakedown to verify all systems are operating including exterior lights.

We discuss our upcoming rally, the Living the RV Dream Gathering that will happen in October at the Horseshoe Cove RV Resort in Bradenton, FL. A new addition this year will be a safety seminar and voluntary rig weighing by the RVSEF staff.

LTRVD0358 RV Tips

RV Tips is the focus on this week's show. We cover quite a few including some safety tire tips.

We kick off this session of RV Tips with a short history of Camping. This is a collection of interesting facts and dates for items such as Campgrounds, Tents, Lanterns, Stoves, Cooler Chests, Air Mattress, and Sleeping Bags. Funny how the military had such a hand in equipment development.

Kathy discusses some items that should be in a campground store. This came from a discussion on the Living the RV Dream Facebook group.

Next we talk tire safety and especially as pertains to steel sidewall tires. These can explode when they have been damaged by being under inflated by as little as 20% below normal pressure. There is some really good advice here.

We also discuss how to handle your rig when a tire blows. Yes, you eventually want to stop, but first you accelerate to regain forward momentum and control. Then slow down and pull over.

Kathy discusses parking at Walmart and other big box stores over night. She also brings up the Escapees overnight parking RVer’s Good Neighbor Policy.

Next we again discuss personal safety during heavy weather conditions including tornado warnings.


LTRVD0357 Hundreds of Manatees

We viewed hundreds of Manatees when we visited the Tampa Electric Company (TECO) Big Bend power station this week. They were in the warm water of the facility’s discharge canal. When the Gulf of Mexico’s water temperature dips below 68 degrees F, the warm blooded manatees need to find warmer water. TECO has constructed a wonderful manatee viewing area where we took the pictures that accompany this show note. Admission and parking are free. Get more information at

We also visited the Hillsborough River State Park which is quite close to our current location in Zephyrhills, FL. This is an old park with many improvements done by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) in the 1930’s. They have a really nice campground with many spaces large enough for 40 foot rigs and a few that can accommodate 45 foot rigs. It is a really kid friendly place with a huge swimming pool (check for open dates, and rentals of canoes, bicycles and 2 and 4-person tandem pedal cars. There is lots of history there as well. There are old forts used by the army during the Indian wars against the Seminole tribes. One has been restored and is open for tours several days a week. Check it out at .

We also spent some time at the Lazy Days Campground while we visited with the folks at the Full-time Families 2016 Sweetheart Soiree Rally. Check them out at We were able to meet Kimberly Travaglino, founder of this wonderful group that is an awesome support group for folks full-timing with kids and homeschooling them on the road. Kathy got to tour some of their rigs to see how they have adapted them for doing the schooling and just living with 3 or 4 or more young children. We had a good time with them and we will interview Kimberly at a later date.

We also welcome a new sponsor to our podcast in They can supply US made mattresses, sheets, and mattress covers for any odd shaped RV mattress out there. Check them out and tell them you heard about them on the Living the RV Dream podcast.

LTRVD0356 Killing a Diesel Engine

Killing a Diesel Engine is the feature story on this week’s podcast. First, as always, we read some listener mail. We got a nice note from Dave Gray, founder of . This is probably the very best go-to place on trucks, trailers, matching the two, and towing safety. This site is book-marked in the towing section of our website, We also field questions about RV combo washing machines, an ARRP app to help with your medications, full-time domicile states, and how we pick topics and interviews for the show. Kathy also got some good advice about her upcoming cellphone purchase.

Killing a Diesel Engine

The next segment is all about Killing a Diesel Engine. The material was sourced from an article in a Diesel pickup truck magazine. We chronical 10 items that if neglected can surely kill your engine, or in some cases, your truck. Routine maintenance comes into play on a number of these items as well as diesel fuel contamination issues. Improper warm-up and cool-down gets the treatment too. How about the color of your exhaust smoke? Certain colors spell doom for your engine. We even cover vehicle cleanliness and the effects of road salts and grime. Tires are also mentioned as a truck killer if improperly maintained.

Tampa Supershow wrap-up

We compare notes with an article written by Steve Savage of Mobility RV Service. We agree on almost all points. First is the trend towards darker colors on exteriors even though they tend to increase interior temperatures. Hand in hand with that is darker colors in interior cabinets and furniture, especially brown. We are not fans of interiors so dark it seems as if you are in a cave.

So many manufacturers are installing many more remote controlled shades, TV lifters, and other gadgets that you now may need a dedicated electronic controller to operate your rig. This extends to more and more fifth wheel trailers sporting fully automatic levelling jacks. Household style residential refrigerators are proliferating to the point they may become standard equipment soon. We also dish on tankless water heaters and “open” floorplans that could almost accommodate a bowling alley. Enjoy our show!

LTRVD0355 Sugar Beet Harvest


The Annual Sugar Beet Harvest is the main subject of this week's podcast. We have talked with many folks who have done this work and enjoyed it. We also did an interview with Cary and Sherry who are recruiters for the employment company that hires the temporary workers for the Sugar Beet Harvest. Unfortunately, the audio file of that interview was lost, but we have discussed most of the material from that interview.

Reader e-mail

During our email section, we read a message from Phil Allen about a new product we will be testing that is a Kitchen Fire Suppression blanket. Check it out on Amazon here.

We also disclose that the Harvest Hosts program we discussed in an earlier podcast does have an expectation from the hosts that guests will purchase products from the host business.

We also had a question about oilfield gate guarding. Most answers are found on our webpage on this at

Sugar Beet Harvest

Our main feature this week is on the Annual Sugar Beet harvest. We describe the basics of the harvest and the types of jobs available. This is a great opportunity to make a lot of money in a short period of time. Kathy adds answers to many frequently asked questions about this very popular fall workamping job. If you are interested, go to their website at

Transitioning Health Care from home to On the Road

We finish with information from a very informative article written by Margo Armstrong in the Escapees Magazine all about making the switch from sticks and bricks healthcare to a portable On-the-Road healthcare plan. She offers much excellent advice on starting to make the transition. One issue is having an advanced medical directive and making sure someone not traveling with you should have a copy. A good example of an advanced medical directive is available at this website,


LTRVD0354 Techno-RV

Techno-RV owners Eric and Tami Johnson are the subjects of this week’s interview. We recorded it at the Tampa Supershow. If you need anything electronic for you or your RV, Techno-RV is the best place to go for both sales and good advice as well as excellent after sales customer service.

We read the mail and discussed a potential safety hazard. If the person in the navigator’s seat places something on the dash, it could easily block the driver’s view of that side mirror. Even with a side view camera, once in the camera blind spot, you will need a properly adjusted side view mirror to see vehicles alongside.

We answered an inquiry about whether or not to buy a Thousand Trails membership. Our view is you should first have a Passport America membership. All the Thousand Trails parks are in the Passport system and you can visit them at half price. The next best thing is to purchase a Thousand Trails Zone pass that gives you access to around 20 of the Thousand Trails parks in a geographic zone for $525. Check out Thousand Trails at

Then we discussed the potential issues of purchasing a 17-year-old rig that had been unused for 7 years. Obviously, the tires and batteries along with all fluids from engine and generator would have to be changed out. I would also replace all engine belts as well. Then a serious investigation of all rubber gaskets and seals would need to be done. I would go over the roof thoroughly looking for cracking and bad caulk. If the price was right, it could possibly be a good rig to get through the years until retirement.

The new revision of our “So, You Want to Be an RVer?” is now available on amazon as both an e-book and paperback. You can win an autographed paperback copy in a random drawing on Nick Russell’s blog. Just go to and click on the Free Drawings tab to enter.

Next week another interview from the Tampa show as well as more tips and adventures.


LTRVD0253 Harvest Hosts

We interview Harvest Hosts founders Kim and Don Greene. These folks started a very unique and popular service where RVers can spend a night (usually boondock) at a farm or winery and learn all about the operation and even purchase produce or wine from the farmer or vintner. It is called Harvest Hosts and the web site is What a Win, Win! The RVer gets a free night and some new knowledge and the farmer meets new people and explains his business. We have been trying to get this interview for 4 years and we’re so glad we finally did.

We have been at the Tampa Supershow for the last week and we have several shows worth of material to share. We also recorded 4 interviews, this week’s Harvest Hosts interview one of them along with last week’s interview with Keith and Tia Simms of the Soulful RV Family. The other two will be coming up in the next two shows.

Before the interview with Harvest Hosts, we read a lot of listener mail. I asked you to email us with your questions and you did. We’ll be discussing mildew control and RV information websites. We have a wonderful description of a day at the Tampa Supershow by a longtime listener. We had an inquiry about one of our favorite websites about trailer weights and matching truck to trailer. That would be which is now back up and in full operation. We discuss wired and portable surge protection devices. I got some great advice from a listener suggested website about the harm long time idling of large diesel engines can do to the engine. Check that out at

I spend some time answering a question about what to take into consideration when storing a motorized RV for up to 3 months in Florida. I end the mail session with answers to what pressure to inflate trailer tires at different temperatures. This is a great show. Check it out!

There is no LTRVD0352

LTRVD0351 Soulful RV Family

We interview the Soulful RV Family, Keith and Tia Simms. They are a family of color on a mission to convince others to join this awesome lifestyle. Keith is an NFL alumni with 8 years with the Miami Dolphins and 3 years with the Washington Redskins. They are homeschooling their 3 young boys and loving the RV lifestyle. Check out their website and blog at <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

We discuss our first impressions at the 2016 Tampa RV Supershow after our first 3 days here.

There is no LTRVD0350

LTRVD0349 RV Show Tips

This show is all about RV Show Tips. We start with initial planning and obtaining a show map and list of vendors. We briefly discuss obtaining advance financing. Then we discuss the things you need to being to the show, including first and foremost, comfortable shoes. Then a few other things like small camera, notebook, backpack, tape measure, small flashlight among others.

Then we move on to some RV Show Tips for the day of the show, and how to maximize your time and see all the important things to you. Kathy goes into some length on checking out a rig for livability.

We found a new RV centric podcast from Jannine Pettit called Girl Camper Great audio quality and content. Check it out on iTunes and Stitcher Radio.

LTRVD0348 Good RV Info

In this, our New Year’s show, we cover a lot of good RV info for you. We talk about some uses for baking soda and white vinegar. We discuss the Instant Pot, our new cooking gadget. We cover quite a few other things as well.

We have moved after 10 months in Bradenton, FL at the Horseshoe Cove RV Resort. Not a very big trip, but we moved 70 miles up to Zephyr Hills, FL to another Carefree park called Majestic Oaks. Happily, it was an uneventful trip with nothing broken, no trips to the ER, and no need to be towed.

LTRVD0347 RV shows and Trip Planning

We cover upcoming RV shows and Trip Planning on this podcast. We want to wish all our listeners a very merry Christmas as we approach Christmas week. This is an exciting time for us as we will be relocating to the Majestic Oaks RV Resort in Zephyr Hills about 75 miles north of our current park in Bradenton, FL. We’ll be there for 3 months and then back here to begin planning for our Gathering RV Rally to be held in October, 2016.

In the mail for this week, we discover an article on emergency GPS locater beacons at


Kathy talks about a long list of upcoming RV shows across the country and in Canada in the month of January. These include the awesome Tampa Supershow! We will be there for the entire show. We will greet our listeners and Facebook fans on Friday the 15th and Saturday the 16th of January from 11:00 AM ‘til 1:00 PM at the Pavilion near the park model trailers. We hope to see you there!

John discusses planning now for your RV journeys to come this spring. He talks about trip planning software and trip planning Apps as well as books that help in the planning and driving process.

Once again, Have a wonderful merry Christmas and be safe out there!


LTRVD0346 12/11/2015 RVer Christmas Gifts

After the mail, we start to discuss RVer Christmas Gifts.

We talk about a wide range of things from cookware to small appliances. We discuss electronic items RVers want and need as well as chairs for your campsite.

This is quite a large list and we suggest places to bet most of the things we mention including,, and .

LTRVD0345 RV Roof Repair

After the mail, we discuss RV Roof Repair with Lee Thaxton, president of RV Armor.

We conducted a 30 minute interview with Lee Thaxton, president of RV Armor. . We discussed what makes RV roofs fail and the benefits of a new roof from RV Armor. This is a fairly new 3 year old company that provides a lifetime unconditional warranty on the RV roofs they refurbish.

Kathy and I visit the Shell Factory in North Ft. Meyers, FL. We had a nice time looking at the many items displayed in their facility. There is much to do there for families with kids.

LTRVD0344 11/27/2015 Happy Black Friday

Happy Black Friday everyone! We hope all our listeners had a great Thanksgiving day and now for the madness of the Black Friday shopping frenzy.

We are asking our listeners to email us at and tell us about their favorite RV related gifts they have either given or received. We'll do next week's show about whatever you submit as well as some of our favorites.

We discuss our plans for some touring in the next several months as well as some planned interviews coming up in the near future. Have a great Holiday weekend!!

LTRVD0243 Heating your RV

The main theme of this show is heating your RV. We discuss RV furnaces and some great alternatives to keep you warm and toasty without breaking the bank for propane.

After answering so really good mail questions, we move on to some great Christmas gifts for your favorite RVer from Eric and Tami Johnson of TechnoRV. I wish someone would give us some of these.

Eric finishes up with a list of common maintenance items for any RV.

After a word about the upcoming RV Training Triad webinar presented by Mobile RV Academy and Workamper News, Inc. You can register for a seat at this Tuesday evening November 24th webinar, go to

Next, John starts by discussing how an RV furnace goes through the sequence to get it to light and maintain heat and what makes it stop working properly. Then we get into vent-free propane heaters for heating your RV and the different types and their features and costs. We think this is the way to go to stay warm in your RV during these cold winter months.

LTRVD0342 RVer Health Insurance Enrollment Guide

After the mail, and before we discuss the RVer Health Insurance Enrollment Guide, we talk about going back to the Tampa RV Supershow this coming January 15th and 16th, and greeting our listeners again on Friday and Saturday from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM. Come see us if you are in the Tampa, FL area.

We discuss the wonderful video produced by Robert Morales of our Gathering Rally. He did a really professional job of capturing the flavor of both the resort and the events of the Gathering. Check it out at

I spent some quality time investigating a very thorough and well thought out app called The Ultimate Public Campground Project. This fits in very well with last week's discussion about camping on public lands and where to go. There are almost 25,000 sites in the lower 28 states, 3,500 in Canada, and another 400 just listed in Alaska. This covers BLM, COE, USFS, TVA, National Parks, U.S. BOR, U.S. Forest Service, military, state, county, municipal, utility, Indian Reservations, non-profits, and other miscellaneous public camping spots. This is a really great App for $3.99 Check out the website at

We discuss the top 10 things you need to know when travelling in Canada. It is mostly common sense, but it puts a lot of good information together to help in trip planning.

The main feature is all about RVer Health Insurance Enrollment as it relates to current open enrollment for the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care). The folks at the RVer Insurance Exchange have produced  a very extensive RVer Guide to ACA Open Enrollment. This is very key information to those of you under 62 years of age traveling around the country. Our feeling is that ack of adequate health insurance can be a game changer for the full-timing RVer. Here is a link to the guide.

LTRVD0341 RVing Government Lands

After the mail, and before discussing RVing Government Lands, we discuss some "Rules" folks have adopted for their RV travels.

Our main feature this week is RVing Government Lands. We first look into driving on America's National Scenic Byways. This program recognizes more than 150 outstanding roads that showcase the beauty of our awesome country. Check them out at

We skip the National Parks as they are so well known and move to the U.S. National Forests. The National Forest Service has over 4300 campgrounds in its 155 forests. Check them out at This extensive website has as many as 55 fields of information in each campground review written by authors who have visited the camping locations.

We discuss the Bureau of Land Management's camping opportunities on the 264 million acres they oversee. Visit

Next up is the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. They have 2375 parks located near lakes created by Corps projects. Check them all out at

Besides all the RVing possibilities on Federal Lands, there ar about 7800 State parks found in all 50 states with over 221,000 campsites. Here is a great website to help you choose which one you will visit on your next RV adventure.

Then we discuss the Campgrounds available to Active duty military members and retirees in the system of Military Family Campgrounds located on or near military bases. The essential reference for these campgrounds is the website edited by Larry Farquar with information on all of these places to camp.

We also discuss the programs of the Special Military Active Recreational Travelers (SMART) RV club for active, retired, and honorably discharged military. This is a great club with a very active caravan program. Contact them and look at their programs at

Lastly we discuss filter changing for your fresh water system as well as air filter changing fir your air conditioning units.

LTRVD0340 This podcast is the LTRVD Gathering Follow-up show. It's all about what went on and how we set it up and what about next year.

We opened with a prayer and then introduced our seminar presenters. Keynote speaker was Greg Gerber of the RV Daily Report and Let's RV. Then we introduced Chris and Jim Guld aka Geeks on Tour  Erik and Tami Johnson are the new owners of Techno-RV, a well established RV Tech company Next up was Al Hesselbart, former historian at the RV/MH Hall of Fame and Museum Kathy and I also did 3 seminars.

Thursday evening we recorded our weekly show and Robert Morales videoed it and uploaded it to youtube. It took 24 hours on park Wifi. Here is a link

This LTRVD Gathering Follow-up wouldn't be complete without a mention of the future. We will be doing another rally. It will be the LTRVD Gathering 2016 and it will be here at Horseshoe Cove RV Resort in Bradenton, FL in October of 2016. Stay tuned for much more and many details about this awesome event.

LTRVD0339 Live from the Gathering We recorded this show Live from the Gathering with a live audience at the Living the RV Dream Gathering.

We spent the entire show taking questions from the audience about all manner of subjects from our favorite RV location to health care and our future as on the road full-time RVers. This was a fun departure from our usual routine of just Kathy and I doing the show from our rig.


LTRVD0338 RV Daily Report We interview Greg Gerber, editor of the RV Daily Report, http://www.rvdailyreportcom , an industry newsletter all about the RV industry. He is also the editor of Let's RV, ,a daily newsletter for the RV consumer like you and me. Both are full of news about that particular segment of the RV industry. Greg also hosts a podcast called RV Industry News where he interviews principals of RV centric companies.

We cover a lot of material about both the good and the less than good going on in the world of the RV industry. We discuss working from the road and some positions folks can fill while traveling in an RV.

We discuss the rapidly emerging RV inspection industry and the part in it played by our friends at the National RV Inspection Association (NRVIA)

LTRVD0337 Ultimate RV Shower. This is a different kind of show as John is sick with a cold and the show is late. After the mail, Kathy talks about some ideas for souvenirs that full-time RVers can collect in a small space.

Then John describes the extensive facelift to the Allied Recreation Group's service center in Decatur, IN. They will have a completely updated customer experience with a 49 space campground and much updated customer lounge complete with complimentary laundry.

Next, Kathy describes some strange but true travel experiences including monkeys running free in Florida and the burros of Oatman, AZ among others.

In the feature segment, John describes the methods and components needed to get the ultimate RV shower.

John talks about the USA Roadbag bicycle cover for use on hitch receiver mounted bike racks. Check them out at

LTRVD0336  We start out with a warning to all who are anywhere close to the path of hurricane Joaquin to move away from coastal locations and head west as soon as possible. EV's aren't made to withstand that kind of wind and rain with the possibility of tornados.

We talk at length about workamping and the importance of good prior planning to ensure you will be able to live fulltime with workamping as the sole source of income.

Kathy talks about Hanging up the Keys and discusses reasons to leave the RV lifestyle and the thought process that should happen before you sell your rig and hang up the keys for good.

John mentions a new website called  They have replacement mattresses for every size and kind of RV, Truck, and whatever else you may have. Check them out.

LTRVD0335 We open after the mail with some advice on changing out your original fresh water pump with an AquaJet RV from Aquatec. Ours has served us well for over 7 years. Get it at the RV Water Filter Store

In our feature, we start with winterizing your RV's fresh water system. This is a prelude to winterizing your RV for storage during the off season. We discuss covers, cleaning, pest control, and what to do with your batteries. We also discuss the additional items you must do with a motorized RV.

Then Kathy and John talk about the 2015 RV Oops Awards, an annual feature on Motorhome Magazine.

John talks about the pro's and con's of Floor heating registers vs. Wall mounted registers.

LTRVD0334 During the mail, we discuss the various towing services and our good experiences with Coach-Net

Next up we discuss some questions asked of Lisa Kremer of the We Camp Here blog at We read and discuss her answers and talk about our own impressions of the questions. It's an interesting contrast of their experience after 2 years and ours after 10. Enjoy the contrast.

LTRVD0333 RV Disaster Preparedness This week's theme is RV Disaster Preparedness as it is National Disaster Preparedness month.


One of our emails starts us off on the contents of the RVer's "Go Bag" to take to a shelter when you have to leave your RV.


Then we get into RV Safety as it pertains to Weather Safety. We discuss weather radios and how to program them with SAME, or Specific Area Message Encoding data. These are 6 digit numbers available at the NOAA website


Next up for RV Disaster Preparedness is Fire Safety, and we use  lot of material from our friend Mac the Fire Guy


We repeat this information annually with updated information. It could save your life and your family as well.

LTRVD0332 Workamping to Live  To start out this week's show titled Workamping to Live, we have some great email information and questions this week. We discuss security issues, weighing your rig, RV reality TV shows, and working around batteries which outgas hydrogen.

Our feature this week is about Workamping to Live. We discuss our opinions about this growing trend with folks moving into RV's to save money. We talk about some ways besides campground work to make real money.

That leads into a discussion about the upcoming Workamper Rendezvous in Heber Springs, AR. This is a great place to learn all about workamping and working on the road. Check it out at We also discuss a career in fixing RVs and inspecting RVs. A good place to start is the RV Maintenance Technician course. Check it out at

We discuss an op/ed piece written by our friend Greg Gerber about the problem of RV parts distributers being consolidated and causing parts prices to rise as well as parts lead times lengthen.

We finish with a discussion from Russ and Tina DeMaris about 5th wheel trailer kingpin stabilizers.

LTRVD0331 This show is all about RV Clubs. We start out with a very informative interview with Travis and Melanie Carr from the Escapees RV Club. They represent the younger generation of RVers and we discuss Xscapers, the newest Escapees' group targeting younger families who are new to RVing. Check out Xscapers at .

We also want to urge all our listeners to participate in the RVer census being generated by the Escapees/Xscapers. There are no questions that are personal to any one individual. The results will be made public and give us a good idea of current demographics of those in the RV lifestyle. Check it out and participate at

Another RV club devoted to younger families, especially with kids, is the Fulltime Families club They have much to offer families RVing with children.

Continuing the all about RV Clubs theme, we discuss the Good Sam Club and its many chapters along with their rallies called Samborees. find them at

Next we talk about the Family Motorcoach Association (FMCA), a club for owners of motorized RVs. They are the second largest RV club behind Good Sam and they also have many (2000) chapters as well as many rallies. Find them at

We spend some time describing the Special Military Active and Retired Travel Club, made up of active, retired, and honorably discharged veterans of all branches of the military.

The National African American RV Association,  promotes the goals and ethnicity of African American RVers.

RVing Women is a national network whose members are from the US and Canada. They have 16 chapters across the country.

We spend some time discussing the many brand specific and state specific RV clubs folks can join. Find a large list of them at

LTRVD 0330 After the mail, we discuss RV shows and how to survive them and have a great time doing it. We cover strategies for before, during, and after the show.

We discuss the upcoming Workamper Rendezvous in Heber Springs, AR and briefly  talk about the presenters, some of whom we know.

Next we go into how to prepare your rig for sale or trade. We cover most of the RV systems and some help about what to expect in the way of a trade offer from a dealer. I'm afraid it's eye-opening.

LTRVD0329  After the mail, John discusses an upcoming Webinar to help you learn what different opportunities are available to certified RV inspectors. You can register for the free webinar at

In this week's Facebook RV Topics feature,  we take on a lot of issues brought up on our Living the RV Dream Facebook group. We start with the 10 year rule and how it really affects RVers.

Next we talk about age restricted or 55+ RV parks and why they are so popular as well as some of the downsides.

We discuss the pro's and con's of shopping and staying at Camping World. Although many posts are negative and worse, there are certainly upsides to Camping World as well.

Among the more contentious RV Facebook topics is the discussion of overnight stops at Walmart. We talk about the RV Industry sanctioned policy on overnight stops at commercial businesses, and progress into Stealth Camping. Enjoy the show!

LTRVD 0328 We discuss our life here in FL since Kathy's illness and her remarkable recovery. She is doing so well we are thinking about doing some traveling after the first of the year.

We talk about a Facebook post about the very popular stick-on "Smart Tiles" and the fact that they carry a warning about being flammable and not to place them closer than 15 inches from a gas range. A solution may be Mineral Tiles. Check them out at

Then we get into this week's feature on RV Essential Equipment that you need to have in your RV. Kathy talks about stuff to cook with, stuff to read, stuff for an office, stuff to wear, and stuff to socialize with. John goes into detail about stuff you need for your sewer bay like hoses and fittings, fresh water system like hoses and adaptors, electrical stuff, maps, and many other essential items to make RVing both fun and safe.

LTRVD0327 After the mail, John describes a product called the EZ Hitch that helps to align your trailer hitch with the truck's hitch ball. Here is a web link

 and a video about it

Then we spend some time describing the changes in the website. We go through the various dashboard functions as well as describe the realigned membership levels. The Workamper Dreamer program is now completely free of charge. The resources of the Dreamer program are available as soon as you register with

Our main feature on this show is boondocking. We talk a little about what boondocking is and what motivates people to RV off the grid. Then we describe The methods of conservation needed to camp successfully without hook-ups. Those are Water conservation, Power conservation, and Fuel conservation. Here are some books we recommend;

The Complete Book of Boondock RVing: Camping Off the Beaten Path by Bill Moeller

BOONDOCKING: Finding a Perfect Campsite on America's Public Lands by Bob Difley  

Guide To Free Campgrounds & Overnight Parking Spots by Gypsy Journal  

Snowbird Guide to Boondocking in the Southwestern Deserts by Bob Difley  

LTRVD0326  First we talk about our new Shark Rocket vacuum and how well it works in our rig. After the mail, we discuss a website I just came upon called Campground Views. It has videos and pictures of campsites in over 1800 campgrounds. Check it out at

Then we talk about a video by Mike Sokol, who I feel is the "Guru" of RV electrical systems. This video is all about "Hot skin" and how to detect it.  Check it out here:

<iframe width="854" height="510" src="" frameborder"0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

John talks about RV air conditioner Fan motor replacement and why it may not be necessary. We give hints on how to clear up "Icing" of the evaporator coil.

Today's feature is all about "Phred" Tinseth and his wonderful "Poop Sheets" We discuss all 14 of them and how to find them in the RV Tips section of our website

We talk about the necessity of balancing trailer wheels and tires. We also spend a little time discussing rV Park WiFi and why a dedicated cellular Hot Spot can save you much frustration.

LTRVD0325 We received an email with a link to the build of an Allegro Bus at the Tiffin Plant. Here's the link We also have had coorespondance with Julie Wehmeyer of the Edelweiss Soap Company. Check out their excellent products at

We continue the discussion from last week with More RV Safety. This week we go into carbon monoxide and LP gas alarms along with smoke detector type alarms. We also talk about fire extinguishers. Check it all out at

LTRVD0324 We discuss some disturbing issues with recalls by Forest River on their towable products as well as heavy fines on the company for holding back safety issues that should be recalls.

We talk briefly about some helpful things we have done to make our RV lives easier.
John discusses RV safety with an emphasis on your financial safety and some steps to take if your information has been stolen or otherwise compromised.
Here are the numbers you always need to contact about your wallet, if it has been stolen:
1.) Equifax:
1-800-525-6285 FREE
2.) Experian (formerly TRW):
1-888-397-3742 FREE
3.) Trans Union :
1-800-680 7289 FREE
4.) Social Security Administration (fraud line):
1-800-269-0271 FREE

LTRVD0323 Kathy starts out with information on 2 Florida parks with nice discounts. One is Camper's Holiday in Brooksville, FL  The other is Tropical Palms in Orlando near all the attractions and theme parks. Check them out at

Next we discuss a little about service dogs and their training and go right into not leaving your pets in a car even on a 70 degree day.

The feature this week is "The RVer's Bookshelf."We discuss the books we use when travelling and trip planning. They are:

The Next Exit $17.95 at

Good Sam RV Travel Guide Obtain $17.60 at

Pilot/Flying J Directory Obtain at Pilot/Flying J Truck stops

KOA Campground Directory

Passport America Campground Guide

Mountain Directory West/East $16.95/$14.95 at

The Motor Carriers Road Atlas $19.95 at

Escapees Travel Guide

Casino Camping $16.95 at

Highway History and Back Road Mystery $16.95 paperback and $3.99 eBook  at

Nick Russell's 8 in 1 camping Guide  $24.95 at


LTRVD0322 After the mail we discuss such short subjects as how to improve the ride on the Ford F53gas RV chassis.

We discuss our Gathering rally and invite folks without RV's to stay in rental travel trailers here at Horseshoe Cove. Contact us for more Gathering information at

We also talk about how to keep your rig cool in these hot sticky summer days with tips to optimize Air Conditioner use.

Today's feature is a discussion on the RV LP Gas Systems found on most RV's built today.

Kathy does a piece on Heat Stroke and how to detect it and first aid measures to take until help arrives.

LTRVD0321 After the mail, we discuss the new solar project at the KOA park at the Lazy Days location in Tucson, AZ that will position 2 30foot tall solar "parasols" covering 30 RV sites in the campground and providing green energy to the entire campground.

John discusses a product to keep your expensive awnings from unfurling in transit. Check out the Awning Lock at

Next we discuss the upcoming "Workamper Rendezvous" in Heber Springs, AR on the same dates as our Gathering the 21-25th of Oct, 2015. There will be 16 seminars and much interface with others new to workamping and RVing in general along with roundtables led by experienced workampers and full-time RVers. Check it out at

John discusses how to maintain the powered jack system in 5th wheel trailers and motorhomes as well as the tongue jack on travel trailers.

John also discusses his visit to the factory of TRC, maker of RV surge protectors and electrical management systems. He talks all about their "ElectraCheck" model AECM20020 digital electrical monitor.

Kathy talks about some of the attractions of Door County, WI that would be attractive to RVers. She also talks a little about some of the goodies produced in a Dutch oven in a campfire. Check out

We finish with a cute piece on "where to retire?"

LTRVD0320 We open as usual with mail and interesting Facebook posts.

Next we have a new product spotlight starting with the RV MisterTrak, an awning mounted six head water misting system from the folks at Valterra. This thing should be just the ticket for those sweltering hot summer days. It retails for $66.43 and is available at Camping World 

The second product featured is by OP Products  and is called Pure Power Blue. It is a bacteria and enzyme based product for waste tank odor control and breakup of solid black holding tank wastes. This product is 4 times as concentrated as other similar products and can work at temperatures as high as 120 degreed F. Another benefit is that it can break down standard 2 ply household toilet tissue. This product was tested by Gary Bunzer aka the RV Doctor with rave reviews. We will be trying it soon. The packets are 12 for around $15. We ordered from

We feature places in this podcast and the first is Earthquake Lake near West Yellowstone, MT It was formed in 1959 by an earthquake and the lake formed afterward from the Madison River. Check it out at

Our major feature is a quick tour of the HOMES or 5 great lakes; Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, and Superior. We cover some of the major interesting places to visit along all 5 lakes. One of the most appealing things for RVers is the Lake Superior Circle Tour, a 1300 mile trip around the lake. Great information on that is at

We also discuss the Niagara Falls State Park Discovery pass valid from May 21st to October21st. It gets you into the Niagara Adventure Theatre, Aquarium of Niagara, the Cave of the Winds trip, the Niagara Gorge Discovery Center, and of course the Maid of the Mist boat trip. All that for $38 per adult, a $35 savings off individual prices.

LTRVD0319 We start out with a discussion of the John and Mable Ringling Museum here in Sarasota, FL. We have visited there several times over the years, and it is a fascinating look into the lie of the founder of the Ringling Brother's Circus empire. Check it out at

Next up, Kathy talks about the SMEV, an Italian range made for RV use. It is marketed in this country by Dometic. This may very well be the answer for cooks who hate the standard RV oven and its inability to cook evenly.

John takes a quick look at dash board cameras and their growing use by RVers. Although called "Dash Cams", a more appropriate name would be windshield Cam.

We both discuss how now is the time to lock in your winter workamping job. We discuss the Sugar Beet Harvest and the Amazon Camperforce as good ways to make a lot of money in a relatively short time.

Today's feature is Keeping Good Records. It's imperative you keep good maintenance records, tax records, medical records, as well as good financial records so that you always know your financial position and to save money.

A quick mention about the Living the RV Dream Gathering Rally in October and that T Shirts are now available at a Cafe Press shop at xxxxx

The website is now mobile device friendly and even sports a mobile friendly address .

LTRVD0318 We start out with Kathy discussing several weather apps that can be ery helpful in any extreme weather situation.

We talk a little about some interesting RV names our listeners have sent in. We'll talk about yours, just email them to  .

Next we start the main feature of this week's show on RV Buying Tips. We try to go through the entire buying process with constant emphasis on doing your homework before going to a dealer to make a "Buy" decision.

Next we et into tips for financing your RV purchase. Should you pay cash, how much to put down, so many other questions.

Kathy discusses a possible checklist to follow before setting off on day trips from your parked RV. We also discuss Nick Russell's blog post about overlooked Maryland. Check it out at

LTRVD0317  Kathy is back home!! We are so thankful for all the letters, cards, prayers, and other communications that we received and now she is home to stay. We hope all of you will fly our stars and stripes for Memorial Day on the 25th of May to honor all our heroes who stand in the gap for our freedom.

We answered a lot of listener mail. One listener gave us a great game to play to learn about world geography. Go to and give it a try.

Our friends Phil and Tracy May have sold their business, TechnoRV to Eric and Tami Johnson and they will be in attendance at the Gathering Rally here at Horseshoe Cove RV Resort in October. Check out the business at or email Eric at .

Our friend Ben Robinson, the CFO at Workamper News will be giving a free on-line training class on bookkeeping starting June 3rd. This can be a great gig for folks who want to work as they travel. Check it out at

Next we answer a lot of issues we see on the Living the RV Dream Facebook group. Many subjects and issues are covered.

Next we talk about the Gathering, our rally to be held here at Horseshoe Cove in October. Join our ltrvdgathering Facebook Group at for information all about the event. Send an email to for sign-up information and a schedule of events.

Lastly John discusses changes to the Living the RV Dream website to help with navigation around the more than 100 web pages there at

LTRVD0316 This is a very busy show. We start off with Kathy's condition and that she is Coming Home!!! She will be home with me in our motorhome by the time you listen to this. Thank you all for the prayers, encouragement, and kind words. We needed it all!

John talks about taking the RV Maintenance Technician course from Terry Cooper aka. "The Texas RV Professor" You can learn how to diagnose and repair many common RV problems as well as have done the first step to becoming a certified RV inspector. Check out the course and locations at  If you are interested in becoming a certified RV inspector, go to .

Kathy discusses a recent article written by a former dentist all about dental emergencies that come up when you are away from your usual care providers. She has some great hint's on how to reduce pain and discomfort before you get to a dentist.

John covers some of the potential down sides of the full-time RV lifestyle. It is true that this lifestyle so many of us love is not really for everyone.

LTRVD0315 We start by talking about Kathy's improving condition and how we may be able to travel again at some point. Then we discuss RV Driving Tips as the main feature. We spend a lot of time on the pre-departure walk around and brake checks. Kathy discusses some tips and hacks to make your RVing easier. Who would have thought Command Strips can hold up a curtain rod?

LTRVD 0314 After catching up on the mail, we discuss three more Arizona towns, Quartzite, Tombstone, and Bisbee.

Then we move on to southern Utah. We start with the southwestern town of Hurricane. It is quite near Zion National Park. We talk about our visit there as well as our snowed in attempt to see the Cedar Breaks National Monument. We did manage to make it to Bryce Canyon and its hoodoos.

Before moving east we discuss how we set up our workamping resume in the Workamper News ' Awesome Applicant resume App.

Then we move past Capitol Reef National Par to the town of Moab. There we went to Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park, and Dead Horse Point State Park. We also discuss a barge trip up the Colorado River from Moab.

LTRVD0313 After some discussion about placement of a surge protector either on a pedestal or inside your rig we move on to an upcoming Workamper News Webinar.

Heber Springs, AR, April 18, 2015:  Steve Anderson, Director of Possibilities with Workamper News will present a 60 minute webinar available online Saturday, April 18, 2015 at 9 a.m. PT; 10 a.m. MT; 11 a.m. CT and Noon ET.  During this presentation Mr. Anderson will share how the Dreamers Journey, a newly developed product of his company, is making a difference in Rvers lives. You will experience how you move from being the novice Dreamer to a knowledgeable RVer who will take the right steps on a timeline to move forward.  Register your FREE seat for this online webinar by visiting this link:

Then we complete our discussion of our favorite places in Arizona with spots in the southern part of the state. We start in Yuma and move east on I 8 to Casa Grande and then east on I-10 to Tucson, Benson, and finally Wilcox.

Next week we'll cover Quartzite and the January RV show. Then we'll cover southern Utah and its collection of National Parks, Monuments, and State Parks.

LTRVD0312 We start our list of our top 10 favorite campgrounds with Hart Ranch Camping Resort in Rapid City, SD. We worked there for 4 summers and it is still a favorite.

We then continue our feature on our favorite places by state with part one of RVing Arizona. We start with Flagstaff and the many attractions along I-40 east of Flagstaff to include Walnut Canyon National Monument, The Meteor Crater, Petrified Forest National Park and the Painted Desert.

We move up Route 191 to the Hubble Trading Post National Monument and further north to the Canyon de Chelly National Monument.

Then a discussion of Williams, AZ, the Grand Canyon Railroad, and finally, the Grand Canyon National Park.

Moving south on US route 89A, we cover the towns of Camp Verde, Cottonwood, and Clarkdale to include the Verde River Canyon Railroad, Tuzigoot National Monument, and the mining town of Jerome. On the other side of I-17 is Montezuma's Well and Montezuma's Castle National Monuments.

Next week we'll discuss southern Arizona.

LTRVD0311 We open with an update on Kathy's progress at the Heartland Rehab Center and she's doing great!

Then we finish up our favorite places in South Dakota describing the 1880's Train, the Alpine Inn and restaurant, and the Purple Pie Company in Keystone. We move a bit west to the Devil's Tower National Monument and East to Mitchell and the Corn Palace.

We do a new feature on buying a used rig and refurbishing it. We cover new flooring, upgraded televisions, furniture and other upgrades.

We finish with some discussion about the Living the RV Dream Gathering, our rally to be held at the Horseshoe Cove RV Resort in Bradenton, FL from 21 to 25 Oct., 2015.

LTRVD0310 After a quick update on Kathy's condition, we go straight into our favorite places in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Here is a good website to find them

We discuss the wonderful Journey Museum, a great rainy day place that tells of the geological formation of the area as well as detailing the peoples who shaped the population.

The Custer State Park is among our favorite places in the Black Hills with Buffalo herds, gorgeous scenic drives, wildlife, and historic lodges.

We talk about lots more and here are a few pictures.

LTRVD0309 We start out by discussing our express overnight trip from Alabama 550 miles back to Sarasota, FL to get Kathy to a Rehab facility.

Next we discuss Trailer Tire safety to include tire age, tire wear, tire pressure, and other facets of keeping your trailer tires from blowing and ruining your vacation. This subject was prompted by a Facebook post from someone who had all 4 tires blow on a 2014 rig.

Next we start a new feature all about some of our favorite places we have traveled to. This week we talk about the Pacific Northwest and South Dakota.

LTRVD0308 We open with the good news that Kathy's condition has improved to the point that we will be transporting her in our RV from the Thomas Hospital here in Fairhope, AL to the Heartland Health Care & Rehabilitation Center in Sarasota, FL which is home to us. We will depart Sunday evening for a Monday morning arrival. The rest of this week's show is devoted to "Doing the Right Thing", or some common sense guidelines for getting along out here in campgrounds and on the road. We cover the need for required RV maintenance, surge protectors, supplemental braking systems for towed vehicles, driving courtesy. and a lot of material on getting along in campgrounds, as well as some issues with pets. We don't mean to step on any toes with all this, it's just our humble opinion.

LTRVD0307 We start with a little more about Kathy's improving condition during her stay here at the Thomas Hospital in Fairhope, AL.

Then John talks about RV Power Sytems. First tthe 120 volt RV power system and some troubleshooting tips. He covers RV Park power, AC Power circuits, Converters, circuit breakers, common campground electrical problems, electrical surges and surge protectors, inverters, and generators.

Next he goes into the 12 volt DC power systems. It is all about batteries, fuses, battery charging, converter/chargers, inverter/chargers, generators, solar panels, and wind power.

LTRVD0306 If tomorrow never comes Kathy is back! We recorded this from her room at the Thomas Hospital in Fairhope, AL. We discuss what happened and Kathy's progress up to now. Then we get in to what happened to put her here. The initial pain and subsequent surgery was in large part due to her former gastric bypass surgery performed in 2008.The results of that were great, but we had no idea of the side effects that eventually put her in critical condition and resulted in surgery that will most likely permanently change both our lives.

Thank you all who responded to the "Hi 5 challenge", Your cards and prayers got us both through this tough situation. Your cards and their messages are a continuing source of comfort to us both.

We finish up with an early radio recording from our days on live radio in Sarasota, FL in 2009. We hope you enjoy it.

LTRVD0305 As many of you know, Kathy is in the hospital in critical condition, but is improving every day. We covet your prayers at this turning point in our lives.

I open the show with a recap of what happened and where we are now. Next is a rerun of one of our live radio shows from December, 2008. I hope you enjoy it.

LTRVD0304 We are excited to welcome our new podcast sponsor, Workamper News! We have known then quite a while and are proud to have them aboard. We have finally moved out of Florida on our way to spend the rest of the winter in Texas, Yay! Our Gathering has many paid registrations and is moving forward towards the October event in Bradenton, FL.

We discuss at length our participation in the RV Tech Course at Eustis, FL. We spent an intense 5 days learning all about starting your own small business in the morning and all about the systems in an RV the rest of the mornings and all afternoons. We covered Electrical, propane, water, and RV exterior systems as well as RV appliances. We also did many hands-on exercises on students' RV's.

We spend a lot of time on the why and how of RV inspections and the benefit he inspection brings to both buyer and seller.

We discuss the role of the National RV Inspection Association(NRVIA) plays in setting ethics and standards for this fast growing industry. We talk about the RV Inspection Connection (RVIC) as a company that hires inspector contractors to do RV inspections.

Kathy introduces a workamping option for selling jewelry through Premier Designs

We have two full-timer tips of the week. One is about why it might not be a good idea to tie your awning down, and the other is on the value of electrical surge protectors to protect your rig.

LTRVD0303 We have moved up to Wildwood, FL and are getting ready to move to Texas for the rest of the winter. We finish up our report on this year’s Tampa RV Supershow Vendors we visited and were impressed with.Many of these are campgrounds and campground groups. We stopped by many, many booths and discussed the amenities and special programs these campgrounds and resorts had to offer including special rates for the winter.
We spent a lot of time looking at 5th wheel Trailers this show and we were most impressed with the Excel line from Peterson Industries of Smith Center, KS. These are extremely well built rigs and both Kathy and I decided that if we ever want a 5er, this will be the one. We have been attending the RV Maintenance Technician Course put on by Terry Cooper aka the Texas RV Professor for the last week and we are impressed and we’ll do a full report next week.

LTRVD0302 In this show we interview Terry Cooper aka the Texas RV Professor and his wife Evada or Lady E. Terry owns the RV Inspection Connection. The company both trains folks to become RV inspectors and arranges with prospective RV owners to have an RV inspected before they buy it. This is a very much needed service nowadays with so many folks buying used RVs.

We have developed a friendship with these lovely folks and I respect what they are trying to do with their new company. I will attend some of the training and I'll report on it in a future show. This could be a wonderful opportunity for someone wanting to start their own small business as an RV inspector, and most of the details are in the interview.

LTRVD0301 We interview the editor of the RV Daily Report as well as talk again about the Tampa RV Supershow and many of the things we saw. We also express our sincere appreciation for all the folks who came out to meet us and Nick and Terry Russell at our Friday and Saturday meet and greets. Nick is the editor of the Gypsy Journal. It was awesome and humbling at the same time.

We had a really informative interview with our friend Greg Gerber, editor of the well regarded RV Daily Report . Greg spends a lot of the interview discussing what he sees as the future of the RV Industry, and it is a great future!

I think you will like this show and the interview.

LTRVD0300 We Had another good but tiring day at the Tampa RV Supershow Day 2. We looked at some interesting new products and a trusted old one or two. I picked up a can of Boeshield T-9 rust and corrosion protection. This stuff really works. Check it out at . Kathy talked with the folks at RV by Life who have been making RV care products for 0 years. They have an excellent product for cleaning your RV's graphics called Graphix Wax. Check out their line of products at . For golfers who have problems with finding space in their rigs for a full set of golf clubs comes a unique golf set in a backpack from DV8Sports. There is one shaft and a complete set of iron and wood heads and a putter head. Check it out at .  A new company called Gostik Products has a heavy duty suction cup with adapters for flat screen TV's, cameras, and many other uses. This is a really cool product. Go to . We also looked at the Port-Bote, a folding boat that comes in lengths from 8 to 14 feet and is almost indestructible. .

We spent some time talking to the folks representing the RV Training Center in Clearwater, FL. They teach 4 10 week classes in all phases of RV repair to prepare their graduates for work as RV technicians.

We also look at a unch of new rigs and we will report on them on another show.

LTRVD0299 We had the opportunity to meet some of our listeners this week at the park craft sale. We met Lyle and Tracy and Charles and Christine Smith. We love our listeners! We had quite a bit of mail this week with lots of good questions and also much good information.

We took at trip around Lake Okeechobee earlier in the week and we discuss that. We discuss some new information about the Living the RV Dream Gathering along with the new email address of to get a sign-up sheet. We also have a LTRVD Gathering Facebook group where we will post current information all about this upcoming event.

Kathy discusses a large list of businesses that provide senior discounts including food, grocery, transportation, department stores and more. You just have to ask. Then John has a Tip of the Week about keeping your RV plumbing from freezing during the current cold spell across much of the country. We also ask our listeners to email us about places RVers would want to see that is close by where they live. We will post these in a file on our Living the RV Dream Facebook Group.

LTRVD0298 We thought we would mention our RV goals for 2015, at least those we have put down on paper so far. Goal setting is a very healthy exercise and we do it each year. We discuss our travel goals, our writing goals, and personal goals for the next 12 months. We discuss our past year as far as where we went, where we wish we had gone, and other issues about the past year. We talk a fair amount about the “Gathering” non-rally we will be hosting in October here in Florida. We have already hired entertainment and planned several meals.

LTRVD0297 This was a rerun from 2009's Christmas show number 0038.

LTRVD0296 This is the week before Christmas, and we are discussing RVer Christmas gifts. We talk about many of the products we use in our own RV every day. Links to these and others can be found on the Must Have Stuff page on our website . Then we read and discuss 34 fire safety tips with permission from our friend Mac McCoy. He is the guru of RV fire safety. Check him out at . We want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a great holiday season this year.

LTRVD0295 We continue our interview with Nick and Terry Russell. This week we talk with Nick about low cost camping and discuss his book “The Frugal RVer” written on this subject. Nick talks about many ways to save money as an RVer including staying longer, staying in unconventional places, workamping and volunteering, and many other ways to lower our costs. Contact Nick at

LTRVD0294 We are back from our Thanksgiving trip to Maryland to be with our kids. We have a special treat this week with a great interview with Terry Russell, author of "Miss Terry's Kitchen" and wife of author and journalist Nick Russell. Terry goes into detail on how she prepares meals from scratch in the confines of an RV galley. Terry's excellent book is available on Amazon or autographed from . We finish up with some detail on our car trip to and from MD. The interview actually continued on for another 40 minutes as we talked with Nick Russell about how to make the full-time RV lifestyle affordable. That interview will play on next week's podcast. In the meantime, check out Nick's daily blog at

LTRVD0293 John and Kathy visit Southeastern Guide dogs, discuss the new dinghy towing guide from Motorhome Magazine, talk about their new puppies, and introduce a new feature called “Favorite Places”

LTRVD0292 After the mail, we discuss why the price of campsites is going up. John discusses an alternative to streaming movies -Netflix General Delivery. Kathy reads a list of over 30 upcoming RV shows in January. In the feature segment, we discuss how to enjoy an RV show. We get into the homework before the show, all the stuff you need to being to the show, and what to do after the show.

LTRVD0291 Kathy talks about her Christmas workamping job as a Santa's helper in a new mall in Sarasota. Then we discuss an excellent water softener for RV's from the folks at Stain-Less Water Filters. Check it out at . Then we discussed a new website for folks to pass on information on workamping jobs. It is a very interesting and useful site at . Then John gets into the main section all about winterizing your RV. There are several ways to winterize the water systems . We also talk about winter storage and what precautions to take before putting your rig to sleep for the winter.

LTRVD0290 We open with a location change to Pleasant Lake RV Resort in Bradenton, FL. We will be here for the rest of the year. After the mail with some interesting questions about RV insurance, we jump right into a long segment on workamping. Check out our web page on it at:

We discuss workamping for site and/or money as well as a discussion on volunteering.

Then John describes the various campground jobs and their requirements. A few workamping tips about resumes and other tips finishes the hour.

LTRVD0289 Happy Halloween! After the mail, John repeats our new email address. It is . We discuss our buying issues with our new Honda CRV. Love the car, hate the buying process. We also talk about our new data plan with Verizon since the demise of Millenicom. Kathy talks about a way to generate heat when you are without electricity by heating up a crock pot with tea candles. It really works! Today’s feature is all about choosing RV Insurance. John talks about things to look for and questions to ask while obtaining RV insurance. Next we discuss the special insurance needs of full-time RVers. We also bring up towing and roadside assistance plans, special RV medical insurance that will cover air ambulance transportation to your home hospital, and Extended Warranties and service plans. Kathy talks about a Facebook group to exchange recipes called Deb’s RV Cooking. John reads a bulletin from Michelin about RV tire life. Then we mention how all our eBooks are listed on the Kindle Unlimited plan where for a monthly fee, one can borrow as many books as you can read.

LTRVD0288 We want to remind our listeners that we can be found on which is the Reno Viola Outdoors Podcast network. There are many outdoor related podcasts on fishing, hunting and other subjects. We start with a clarification on the recent Arizona Fuel Tax issue surrounding higher fuel taxes for commercial vehicles.

Then John discusses finding RV campsites. It is a recap of a recently added webpage to the website on the subject at . We cover finding sites in the Public sector such as National Parks, Forests, Seashores, and Grasslands. Go to Also in this sector are the campgrounds of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at

Next are the privately owned "mom and pop" campgrounds which can include large camping companies like Kampgrounds of America(KOA) and the Yogi Bear Jellystone Park campgrounds.

We briefly discuss the membership campgrounds including Thousand Trails, Coast to Coast among others. Check our web page on these at .

Then we discuss boondocking and how to find those locations. We like blog posts by Bob Difley on the subject We also talked about the Boondocking .org site as a good place to find campsites One more site we mentioned was

Then we got into Apps for finding campgrounds to include:

Allstays Camp and RV

RV Parking

RV Parky

and others included on the web page.


LTRVD0287 We answered some great mail questions this week including questions about the Thor A.C.E. motorhome, our location at the Tampa RV show, storing wheeled chairs for travel, and about Phred,s Poop Sheets. We also read a wonderful testimony for Coach-Net and Passport America during a listener’s time of need.

Fred Tinseth aka “phred” was Escapee number 394 and wrote extensively in the Escapees Magazine from 1980 about RVing subjects from boondocking to inverters to solar electricity and many more. Fred died in 2010, but his excellent “Phred’s Poop Sheets” remain as a great legacy to a man dedicated to full-time RVing. Check them out on our website. Some of these are dated as they were last revised in 2002, but most of the information still holds true.

We discuss the Escapees RV Club “Good Neighbor Policy” which has turned into an RV industry sanctioned Code of Conduct while overnighting on private business’ parking lots.

Kathy discusses the responsibilities of being a good co-pilot from another Escapees magazine article. We both talk about the wonderful Instant-Off RV water saver gadget available from

Our last discussion is about hiding your valuables in plain sight with “can safes.” These are identical to a real can but with a screw off top. You can hide cash and small jewelry in your refrigerator that look exactly like the real thing. Available on

LTRVD0286 We start with John’s good report from his doctor. As we get older, our health is the main thing that can affect our time on the road. After the mail, we discuss older RV’s and what a good idea it can be to at least start out with an older rig that will fit your budget. John talks about the steps to take to ensure you are making a good decision.

Next we get into RVers and firearms. We discuss the fact that states have very different laws about firearms. One good publication is “The Travelers Guide to the Firearms Laws of the Fifty States” by attourney J. Scott Kappas available from . Another good guide is “Gun Laws by State” by Bryan L. Ciyou available from the National Rifle Association. A good source to learn about the reciprocity of Concealed Carry Permits(CCW) is the U.S. Concealed Carry Association’s website . We also discussed self defense. A good source of information is from the Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Network at Kathy reads an insightful essay from Gypsy Journal author Nick Russell titled “The Armed RVer.”

Then we discuss how to make yourself comfortable in your rig in winter conditions. Much of that information is available on the Winter Camping page on our website

LTRVD0285 After reading the mail, we start with a brief review of our blog post about the high water here at the Peace River Thousand Trails Park. We discuss our blog post about advertising on websites and blogs before a review of a new web page on Towing a Fifth Wheel Trailer. In that I included a link to a trailer towing blog post by our friend Ray Burris.

The feature section is all about the Full-time lifestyle adjustments you must make in your life when you become full or long time RVers. We close with the first announcement of the October, 2015 Living the RV Dream Gathering at Horseshoe Cove RV Resort in Bradenton, FL . There will be much more about that coming up over the next few months.

LTRVD0284 - We answer a mail question about getting started full-time RVing with small children. John also describes how he replaced the plastic motorhome bathroom sink with a porcelain model. Next we discuss our great Orlando weekend with our son and new daughter in law. We talk about International Drive, the CSI Experience , Wonder Works , and other I-Drive attractions. Then we talk about Workamping as a Camp Host. We look at the questions you should ask before accepting a Camp Hosting job. Kathy discusses emergency veterinary care for your pets, and how to prepare in advance John discusses our new web page on Towing a Travel Trailer . John reads a funny piece on RV definitions.

LTRVD0283 Towing a Vehicle We start as usual with the weekly mail and then move on to our trip to Orlando's International Drive and the Bass Pro Shop there. John discusses a new series of Web pages on All About Towing. The feature is on towing a vehicle behind a motorhome. We mention the Motorhome Magazine annual towing guide . Another reference is Remco Industries who make equipment for modifying vehicles to make them towable 4 wheels down . Then we move on to the companies that make tow bars and tow bar base plates. They are and . Almost all this material is in the new webpage Towing a Vehicle on the Living the RV Dream website. We finish with a tip about avoiding distractions when hooking up and unhooking.

LTRVD0282 After the mail, Kathy discusses campground amenities many people want as well as some of their dislikes. We talk a little about what's new on the Living the RV Dream website Kathy discusses campsites at rest areas at some of the Ohio Turnpike Service Plazas. Check them out at Next John does an in depth discussion of winter RV camping  and what measures to take to be comfortable in the cold.

LTRVD0281 After the mail, we talk about the history of Geocaching and some little known facts. Then we move on to the upcoming Florida Mega Geocache event in the Ocala National Forest in October. Next we have a great interview with friends and long time listeners Angel and Teresa Rodriguez. They are soon to move into the full-time lifestyle. Next John discusses RV absorption refrigerators and the problems they can cause. We discuss RV refrigerator fires and the recalls by Norcold and Dometic

LTRVD0280 After reading the mail, we discuss RV Weights and measures from the web page of the same name on our Website. We discuss the role of the Recreational Vehicle Safety and Education (RVSEF) and their role in educating RVers and weighing RV's at rally's and RV shows. We also talk about the Escapees RV Club Smart Weigh program. We discuss some of the more important weight terms all RVers should know.

Then we read some more RVer boo boos that RVers discuss on our Facebook Group. Some of them are just too funny. Then John gives a tip on how to figure out how fast your black tank will fill up when flushing it.

LTRVD0279 After some really good mail responses, we feature some Common RVer  Mistakes and boo-boos almost all RVers make, even after years of RVing. All these came from a post on the Living the RV Dream Facebook group. Many concern Awning mishaps, 5th wheel hitch and unhitch problems, numerous black tank adventures, and many other amusing but also educational mistakes. We certainly appreciate our Facebook correspondents for this enlightening and amusing learning experience. Kathy finishes with a full-timer tip about cleaning out your clothes dryer vent.


LTRVD0278 We start out with information on our website about 2 new pages about Fresh Water Systems and a discussion about motorhome vs 5th wheel trailers for full-timing.  We do a brief fuel report on fuel prices from Michigan to Florida. John reads a piece on Faking Service Dog Status by Amy Burkert at . Kathy follows with a piece on hiking with your pet. We both talk about Lake Louisa State Park  in Clermont, FL.  Check it out at  . We spend some time on the differences between full-time RVing and part time RVing.

LTRVD0277 After reading a LOT of mail (thank you very much), we mentioned our move away from Podomatic to Bluebrry for hosting our podcast. Then we discussed a Facebook thread about speeders in campgrounds and what to do about it. Then we moved to another Facebook thread about RVing mottos various folks use. Quite amusing. Then John goes into a serious discussion about Carbon Monoxide threats to RVers. Check it out!

LTRVD0276 John and Kathy discus budgeting at length. We start with the fixed expenses that don't change from month to month. Next we move on to the variable expenses or things we have more control over. Here is where we can cut expenses. If your expenses exceed your income, then you have a decision to make. Will workamping make up the shortfall? We use examples from our own expenses in the discussion. Enjoy!

LTRVD0275 We start the show with a tragic weather occurrence when a tornado ripped through a large campground on the eastern shore of Virginia and killed several people and injured many, many more. We talk severe weather preparedness. We discuss some Lessons Learned as a result of a request for them on our Living the RV Dream Facebook group. Some are quite funny. Then John goes into a feature on workamping as a Texas oilfield gate guard.

LTRVD0274 This is a potpourri type show about a lot of RV related stuff. We start after the mail with a Facebook post about child car seats in RV's. Then we discuss the survey we ran on Facebook about what type of RVers our corespondents are. Then John tries to answer the three most asked Facebook questions about RV insurance, Auxiliary braking systems, and the 10 year rule at some campgrounds. We move on into a discussion of the 2014 Oops Awards from Motorhome Magazine. John finishes with a tip about clear sewer hose attachments.

LTRVD0273 This issue is all about holding tanks and how to use them and care for them and clean them. We start with the results of the Holding Tank Chemical survey we conducted on our Facebook group. Then we go into how to dump holding tanks. John spends some time describing the Geo Method for holding tank chemicals. We talk about why you NEED a surge protector for your RV. We also discuss why you need a supplemental braking system for your towed car.


LTRVD0272 After the mail, we talk about our rest of summer plans and on into fall and winter. We do an interview with Ellie Davis, manager here at Horseshoe Cove RV Resort. Then John discusses a new web page all about "RV People" who help all the rest of us enjoy this lifestyle. John does a Full-timer Tip about battery maintenance.

LTRVD0271 We have a great interview with the operations manager at the Sun-n-Fun RV Resort in Sarasota, FL. This is the 2013 Mega Park of the Year. We discuss the role of volunteers at the park. We talk all about our son Steve's wedding on the beach at Lido Key in Sarasota. John gives an RV Tip on fresh water hose storage.

LTRVD0270 We had a great interview with our youngest son Matt, who was the naysayer and thought we were crazy when we started full-time RVing. See if he's changed his mind. We discuss the top 10 frequently asked questions about volunteering at light houses. Then Kathy discusses Lyme disease and the ticks and other critters that carry it. Then a quick discussion about National Parks, Monuments and other entities administered by the National Park Service. Followed by our first but not last weekly RVer Tip.

LTRVD0269 We start with announcing 10,000 members on the Living the RV Dream Facebook Group. Then John talks all about our new website and how it's different from the old one. Then we discuss common mistakes RVers make, followed by a discussion of many or the common "Lessons Learned" we all have.

LTRVD0268 We discuss out trip from Michigan to Florida and how easy it was. We talk all about our trip to Bok Tower Gardens in Lake Wales, FL. Kathy does some RV tips and then we discuss 5 new national parks.

LTRVD0267 We attend the 54th Escapee RV Club Escapade in Goshen, IN. We discuss the Escapade and some of the many seminars. Then we discuss strategies for rallys in general and how to make the most of them. We travel north to Port Huron, MI.

LTRVD0266 We interview Curtis Coleman, full-time RVer and founder and CEO of RVillage, the new and emerging social media site for RVers and those who love the RV lifestyle.

LTRVD0265 We stop at Master Tech RV to have the water leak in our rig repaired. Turned out to be a hole in the water heater tank which necessitated a new hot water heater. We also had the slide motor replaced. Then a few days at the Elkhart Family Campground before moving down the highway to the Elkhart County Fairground for the 54th Escapees RV Club Escapade.

LTRVD0264 We travel from Amarillo through Oklahoma City to visit the Oklahoma City Memorial of the bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in 1995. Then we move on through Missouri and on to Elkhart Indiana. We will move on down to the Goshen County Fairgrounds next week for the Escapees Escapade. We discuss Escapees and what will be available at the Escapade.

LTRVD0263 We have lots of mail, including one that mentions a Cummins service bulletin all about turbochargers that will be of interest to diesel motorhome and truck owners. We discuss our experience at Freightliner of Flagstaff while getting our rig fixed. Then we talk about our current trip through New Mexoco and Texas. We visit the Atomic Energy Museum and the Turquoise Museum in Albuquerque.

LTRVD0262  We have broken down with a bad turbo charger. We discuss lessons learned to include having Towing Insurance, Having an Extended Warranty, Keeping good service records, and performing routine maintenance. Then we continue with part 2 of our interview with the Millers about preparations for an Alaskan trip.

LTRVD0261  We broadcast the first of a 2 part interview with Dennis and Carol Hill all about preparing for an RV trip of a lifetime to Alaska.
  LTRVD0260 We move from Yuma to Verde Valley. Kathy introduces our interview with Linda Coleman, president of the Fleetwood Motorhome Association. John discusses bear safety. We meet up again with Greg Gerber, editor of RV Daily news.


LTRVD0259 We are at the Fleetwood Motorhome Association Western Area Rally at the Fortuna del Oro RV Resort in Yuma, AZ. We have a wonderful interview with John Lowery, Chief Operating Officer at Allied Recreation Group, parent company of the Fleetwood, American Coach, Monaco, and Holiday Rambler brands of Motorhomes. Then we move on to a story about protecting your identity where Medicare cards have your SSN and birthday on them, information a thief would use to rob you. Then Kathy talks about a South Dakota Health Care company that will insure full-time RVers. We also talk about getting our windshield cracks repaired and our holding tanks pressure cleaned.

LTRVD0258 We start out with a lot of listener mail. Then we talk about the end of our stay in Yuma and on to the Fleetwood Motor home Association Rally. Then we discuss the new RV daily Journal we are putting together for sale. Next John talks about the California Duster, a great product for ridding your vehicles of pollen and dust. We spend some time discussing the new RVer social group called RVillage. We finish up talking about what problems to look for in when looking for a used RV.

LTRVD0257 We talk all about some of our favorite RV centric businesses in Yuma. We try to show why we like this town so much as an RV destination.

LTRVD0256 We talk about our trip up to the Imperial Dam Long Term Visitor Area administered by the Bureau of Land Management. We talk all about the facilities and the various rigs we saw. Then John talks about boondocking and resource conservation. Next we discuss the new RVillage group. What it is and how to join it. Lastly we talk about the possibility of an Alaskan trip for the summer of 2015.

LTRVD0255 This show is dedicated to the U.S. Highway system and all the "red roads" we love to travel. Kathy discusses some of the history and a few of the more popular US Highways. John talks all about US 83 that bisects the country from North Dakota through southeast Texas. Then John discusses some good websites to help plan an RV trip. Kathy repeats the recipe for the popular 3-2-1 cake.

LTRVD0254 After talking all about how we found and repaired a water leak, we play catch-up after 3 straight weeks of interviews. Kathy talks about the local craft shows and a cookbook from Breast Friends. John makes the travel journal page available. We discuss the new J2807 standard for towing specifications for pickup trucks. John discusses the Spartan Service Bulletin about how to prevent corrosion from road chemicals used to melt snow and ice.

LTRVD0253 We were very fortunate to be able to interview Chris and Charles Yust. They are independent Insurance agents who are also full-time RVers. They may well be the only full-timer RV insurance agents in the country. We will learn the difference between automobile policies and RV specific policies, as well as what you need if you are a full-time RVer. This is a very important episode.

LTRVD0252 We have a wonderful lengthy interview with Mac McCoy aka Mac the Fire Guy. He discussed several important aspects of RV fire safety including how to get out of your rig in case of fire. As he stated several times, the most important thing to do in case of fire is "Get out." He also discusses types of fire extinguishers and fire suppression systems. This is one of our most important podcasts!

LTRVD0251 We meet up with both listeners of this podcast. but old friends from South Dakota and Canada. We also met up with Nick and Terry Russell from the Gypsy Journal. After a false start, we were able to record a wonderful interview with these well known folks who we are proud to call friends.

LTRVD0250 We kick off podcast number 250 with some great email questions. John talks about some of the products we liked at the Quartzite RV Show. Then we move on to the difference between exhaust braking and mechanical compression braking in diesel engines. Kathy does our feature article on touring Alaska with a wonderful lessons learned document by David Grossman. Next she discusses an article in Escapees Magazine by Ron Jones about Alaska touring.

LTRVD0249 We visit the 2014 Quartzite RV Show. We discuss the vendors in the "Big Tent" and all the stuff you didn't even know you needed. We talk about our interview with Greg Gerber, the editor of the RV Daily Report. Then we discuss our meeting with some of our listeners at the RV Show.

LTRVD0248 In the mail segment, we discuss how we handle our time apart from one another. We talk a little about rig overheating. We go into detail about our fixed expenses for full-time RVing. In the feature segment, we discuss at length how to attend an RV show and have a great time doing it. We follow that up with a short segment on the RV parks of the Texas Rio Grande Valley.

LTRVD0247 This is our first show from Yuma, AZ. We talk all about the upcoming Quartzite RV Show and what to expect. Then we do a special feature about Florida campgrounds at this time of year. Get out your pencils. Kathy discusses some RV housekeeping tips. John talks all about mountain grades and explains what the signs mean as well as how to drive safely both up and down those grades. Then we talk about some other RV driving tips.

LTRVD0246 John and Kathy describe day by day their quick trip from Sarasota, FL through the southern US to Yuma, AZ. John describes in detail the tools in his inside tool bag and what they are for. Also included are tools in an electrical tool bag.

LTRVD0245 In this rerun of show 0088, John and Kathy talk about their Caribbean Cruise. Then they discuss pros and cons of renting out your RV. John talks about RV water filters. We'll be back with a new show next week.

LTRVD0244 We have a large number of Facebook group questions this week and we talk about affordable solar power, receipt scanners, using an RV refrigerator while parked on an angle, what is boondocking, geocaching, women driving a motorhome, weather radios, and clearing snow and ice from your rig. We also discuss getting workamping jobs with tattoos. Enjoy!


LTRVD0243.We spend a lot of time talking all about winter and cold weather camping. Special emphasis on safety. Kathy talks about what to have in your car when driving in winter weather.


LTRVD0242 We're back from our Thanksgiving hiatus and we start with the release of our new book, "So, You Want to be a Workamper?" Then we discuss our inclusion on the Reno Viola Outdoors Network, a large group of Fishing and other outdoor activities podcasts. Next we gover several checklists of things to do while driving your RV. We finish with a short discussion of Carefree Resorts.


LTRVD0241 In our Thanksgiving Holiday show, we bring you a flashback to our Radio Days at WSRQ in Sarasota, FL in 2008. The show starts all about volunteering. We'll be back with an all new show next week. Thanks and have a great and blessed Thanksgiving!! John and Kathy

LTRVD0240 We talk about how we handle our medical records and other important documents while we're on the road. John discusses Garmin "Base Camp" software for use with Garmin GPS units. Then we discuss airplane directional beacons set up in the 1920's and still visible today. We talk about RV surplus houses and RV wrecking yards and a database of them at .Then we get into an article written by Rich the Wanderman all about solar panels and how he is putting together a package including installation. Check out


LTRVD0239 We do a feature segment on Winter camping and how to keep you and your rig warm and dry. We also discuss part-time winter camping. Then we move on to things to remember for winterization including rig covers. Kathy talks about Alaska jobs with Princess Cruise Lines and Holland America Cruise Lines during the summer season in Alaska. All this from an article in the Workers on Wheels newsletter. Next Kathy talks about a great RV cooking site and RV cookbook.


LTRVD0238 We open with a scary article about fire insurance. A couple's home burned and they received a $20,000 bill from a private fire company. They lived outside established fire districts. We discuss Nick Russell's books "Overlooked Florida" and Overlooked Arizona" with great places to visit for wintering RVers. Kathy discusses fire insurance while your rig is in storage. She also talks about a Canadian listener's letter about not having vehicle insurance when out of their province over 6 months, even while still in Canada. John discusses at length the Thousand Trails membership system and all the different types of contracts and what to look for and lookout for.

LTRVD0237 We have been nominated in the Travel category for the 9th annual Podcast Awards! Voting opens today. We spend several days at Suncoast Designs in Hudson, FL having our fogged windows repaired. We also tour the facility. John discusses an email asking about 5th wheel trailers. We talk about what we have learned about 5ers.

LTRVD0236 We discuss our trip from KY to FL after we visited the Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, KY. John talks about triple towing and some precautions. Next we discuss carbon monoxide hazards and precautions for RVers and campers.


LTRVD0235 We have left Indiana and are heading south to Florida. We had our new credenza installed and it is now functional. We discuss trip planning.


LTRVD0234 We are winding up our 3 weeks at Howe, IN. We visit the Nexus RV plant in Elkhart, IN. They make Class B+, C, and Super C motorhomes. We also visited DRV Suites in Howe. They make high end luxury 5th wheel trailers. We conducted a Skype interview with Brian McGuinn of Southeast Publications. We learned all about the workamping/sales opportunities with Southeast.


LTRVD0233 We talk about our visit to Shipshewana, IN and the Blue Gate Restaurant and other activities like an Amish buggy ride. We visit the Lambright Comfort Chair company,


LTRVD0232 This show is a special extra show with interviews we conducted during the Hershey RV Show. We interview Chuck Woodbury, editor of the weekly RV Travel Newsletter and proprietor of the RV Bookstore. Next we talk with Gary Bunzer, also known as the RV Doctor. Next up is Mark Polk, author of the eZine RV101. Then we talk safety with Walter Cannon, director of the RV Safety and Education Foundation (RVSEF). Then we talk with RV book author and lecturer Ron Jones.


LTRVD0231 We move from Hershey to Youngstown, OH and then on to Howe, IN. We visit Focal Wood in Nappanee, IN and order our new credenza. We visit Bontrager's RV Surplus and Brad and Hall, an RV refurbisher. We present 3 interviews from the Hershey Show; Olivia Siebert from KOA Corporate, Donna Fout, manager of the Williamsburg, VA KOA, and Pamela Petrushke who is the director of the Amazon Camperforce.


LTRVD0230 This is our second podcast on the 2013 Hershey RV Show. We talk a little about how to survive an RV Show. Next we discuss our 2 listener meet and greet days as well as the 8 interviews we did and the interviews of us. We look at Tiffin and Fleetwood Motor Homes as well as diesel motor homes from Forest River.


LTRVD0229 We spend 3 busy days at the Hershey RV Show. First we attend the 2 Industry days and then on opening day, we visit the Winnebago and Newmar exhibits. On Thursday morning, we host some of our listeners at a meet and greet in the Giant Center.


LTRVD0228 We discuss a Facebook question about how to introduce the idea of full-time RVing to your spouse. Then we discuss the Blue (John) jobs, the pink (Kathy) jobs, and the purple (both) jobs we do to get ready to leave a campground. We get into checklists as well.


LTRVD0227 After the mail we discuss our interview with Sue and Bobby Brown, who produce the "Living the RV Life" podcast. We spent an hour talking about full-time RVing with them. We also talk about our entry into geocaching and how much we have to learn. Then we ask our listeners to tell us what they want RV manufacturers to do to make RV's better.


LTRVD0226 After the mail, we discuss how we got started full-time RVing and why. Then Kathy talks about geocaching and its history.


LTRVD0225 After the mail, Kathy talks about having your RV ready for weather emergencies as we are in hurricane season. John talks a length about short term, high paying workamping jobs in the Sugar Beet Harvest,, and Oil Field gate guarding.


LTRVD0224 We have a lot of listener mail. Then John talks about Gaffers Tape, the better alternative to Duct Tape. Then we discuss our trip to historic Jim Thorpe, PA and its beautiful restored buildings. Kathy then explains all about Letter Boxing, a wonderful hobby of exploration and discovery.


LTRVD0223 Kathy talks about how we use local public librarys in our travels, especially for their WiFi. Then John talks all about some of our favorite things we have purchased along the way. Many we consider essential and/or safety items.


LTRVD0222 After reading our listener mail, we talk about our road trip to the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. This included a short walk on the Appalachian Trail. Then we discuss Boeshield T-9, a wonderful lubricant even better than WD-40. Then we talk about the Air Dryr 1000. It will remove moisture by raising air temp above the dew point. A great addition to any RV in a humid area.


LTRVD0221 We start with a feature on overnight parking etiquette. Then we continue and complete our series on courtesy with a talk about campground courtesy and courteous departure from the campground. Kathy discusses an article about smoke jumpers and the Smokejumper Visitor Center in Missoula, MT.


LTRVD0220 - Kathy and I discuss Camper Courtesy at length. In this episode we look at driving courtesy while on the road. Then we take an in depth look at courtesy after arriving at the campground.


LTRVD0219 - After the mail, we talk about several of the more popular Camping clubs and associations including Passport America, Escapees RV Club, The Good Sam Club, Thousand Trails, Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA), Resort Parks International (RPI), Coast to Coast, and Colorado River Adventure.


LTRVD0218 - We cover a lot of interesting mail today. In the "So, you want to be a full-timer" section, John discusses the research that must be done to match a fifth wheel trailer to a tow vehicle. He picks a typical Montanna fifth wheel and picks a Ford F 250 or 350 that can handle the weight. He also discusses how to increase braking capacity.


LTRVD0217 - After the mail, we discuss holding tanks to include fresh water, gray water, and black water. We also cover the sewer hose and the fresh water hose and water filters and pressure regulators.


LTRVD0216 - Kathy starts out with a discussion about the Escapees RV Club and what they offer the prospective new member. We travel to Lake Wallenpaupack in Pike County, PA, a man made lake and hydro-electric power plant. In the feature segment, we talk about what to look for in an RV and how to pick one that will fit your lifestyle.


LTRVD0215 - We discuss our road trip up the Delaware River on Rt. 97 to the town of Lakawaxen, PA. This is home to the Delaware and Hudson canal aqueduct bridge and also the home of western author Zane Gray. Next we talk about what to bring along and what to leave home on a camping trip. We also talk about what we miss most from when we had a sticks and bricks house.


LTRVD0214 - After reading and commenting on incoming eMail, we read excerpts from the Living the RV Dream Facebook group. Next we tell the story of how we got started RVing and the homework we did and how we got rid of our "stuff."


LTRVD0213 - Kathy leads off with a discussion of how to make green bug repellants. John follows with a description of Carbon Monoxide detectors and how to check them for proper operation. The main feature is all about the "hidden specials" offered by some RV rental companies.


LTRVD0212 - After discussing a number of interesting emails, Kathy dove right in to an article about pacing your RV travels. Hopefully this might help reduce 1st year "express touring." Then John talks about Tick born diseases, especially Lyme disease caused by deer ticks. We discuss symptoms and prevention. John finishes up with a talk about how diesel engine manufacturers met the 2010 EPA Emissions Standards.


LTRVD0211 - We spend the bulk of the show discussing trip planning. First is where do you want to go and why. Then how long a trip and how many miles per day. Next we cover route planning in depth. We talk about where to stay. Last we discuss budgeting trips. In the closing segment, Kathy describes how to construct the pop bottle mosquito trap.


LTRVD0210 - After the mail segment, Kathy discusses an email all about the Can Cooker and how it can cook an entire meal quickly with easy clean-up. John talks about metal detecting as a hobby with some cautions. We talk about bear deterrents such as air horns and bear spray. Kathy mentions some precautions with traveling with pets.


LTRVD0209 - We devote this show to safety. Kathy talks all about personal safety. John discusses safety while driving the RV as well as fire safety. John also talks about RV safety such as alarms, sensors, tires, etc.


LTRVD0208 - We have a mixed bag today. We discuss the new KOA digital edition campground directory. We mention the upcoming RVIC Hall of Fame RV show April 26-28. Al Hesselbart, historian and librarian for the RV/MH Hall of Fame and Museum has written a book called "The Dumb Things Sold...Just like That" about the early days of the RV industry. We talk about DRV and their line of luxury 5th wheel trailers. Then Kathy discusses animal sanctuaries with tours and RV parking.


LTRVD0207 - We have arrived at Timothy Lake South near East Stroudsburg, PA. We talk about our trip from SC and the stops along the way. Kathy discusses getting along together in the confines of an RV. She then describes construction of a simple home-made mosquito killer. John goes through a checklist for de-winterization of your RV and getting it ready for spring camping.


LTRVD0206 - We start our journey north from Florida to Pennsylvania. John and Kathy both have mail from our listeners. John talks at length about periodic maintenance on the RV.


LTRVD0205 - Kathy has returned!! We discuss email from her kathy@livingthervdream site as well as posts from our Living the RV Dream Facebook group. Next John discusses flat towing requirements and especially auxiliary braking systems.


LTRVD0204 - John is alone this week as Kathy is away in MD taking care of our younger son after back surgery. There is a lot of mail including an interesting one on diesel truck tuners.


LTRVD0203 - We read and answer the mail. Then Kathy and John discuss emergency preparedness for RVers. We talk about the Value per dollar of new vs. used RV's. John talks about a new app for 5th wheel buyers to calculate rear wheel tow vehicle weight.


LTRVD0202 - We talk about our new chairs from the IKEA store. Then John talks about the new satellite dish aiming scope from We discuss problems with towing a Smart Car 4 wheels down. John points out some hidden words in workamping postings. Kathy talks all about some great bicycle trails and the website


LTRVD0201 - We open as usual with listener mail and some suggestions for 1st time RVers. We also talk about Ray Burr's blog and Anne McKinnell's website We move on to Kathy's interview/talk with Terry Russell all about her love and practice of Fiber Arts. Terry is the wife of Nick Russell, editor of the Gypsy Journal . Then we discuss workamping postings from Workamper News. We try to read between the lines to understand what is expected.

LTRVD0200 Episode number 200, RV cooking, workamping resumes We celebrate our 200th episode! We discuss our website page with Kathy's bead jewelry for sale. Kathy talks about cookbooks for RVers. In the "So, you want to be a full-timer" segment, John and Kathy go into detail on workamping resumes.

LTRVD0199 Stitcher Radio, Workamping, Techno-Geek Rally, Taxes on the road We open with a discussion on the upcoming Techno-Geek Rally in Bushnell, FL at the end of March. Then we talk about our inclusion in Stitcher Radio On-Demand, an app for Android and IOS devices. Then we briefly cover taxes for full-time RVers. The bulk of the show is dedicated to a discussion and introduction to Workamping and some talk about

LTRVD0198 Smart Cars vs Fit, Park Models, Workamping  In the listener mail section, we read letters from folks who own Smart Cars and Honda Fit cars. We also have letters about 5th wheel trailers vs. motor homes. In the main section we discuss the Park model trailers we saw at the Tampa Supershow. We spend a lot of time talking about costs and depreciation as well as hurricane standards in Park Models. We finish with an introduction to next week's discussion of workamping.

LTRVD0197 Fifth Wheel Trailers at the Supershow We start with 11 top things that can go wrong while RVing. Then we go into a lengthy discussion of the 5th wheel trailers we saw at the recent Tampa RV Supershow. There were many.

LTRVD0196 Tampa RV Supershow Motorhomes We answer lots of email questions saved up over the last 2 weeks. Then we move on to the motorized RV's we saw at the Tampa RV Supershow. We discuss Winnebagos and Tiffins, and Fleetwoods and others we cheched out during the show.

LTRVD0195 We continue coverage of the 2013 Florida RV Supershow. This is a special broadcast where we discuss new and unusual items we saw in the two huge vendor buildings. There are some really innovative products as well as some good service companies.

LTRVD0194 Tampa Supershow Description:We visit the 2013 Tampa RV Supershow put on by the Florida RV Trade Association. In this episode we look at offerings of Class C rigs from Born Free and Nexus RV. We looked at hi line coaches from Newell, Foretravel and several Prevost conversions. We spent almost an hour looking at Airstream trailers. We look at the Onan Automatic Generator Start add-on system. We bought and describe the RV'ers Friend book of truck stops for large rigs. Much more.

LTRVD0193 New GPS App, Podcast Apps, Tire safety, Travel In this episode, we start out discussing the new Rand McNally GPS App for the i Pad. Looks like a hit! We discuss the Escapees Magazine review of our book "So, You Want To Be An RVer?" Then we move on to 5 great podcast Apps for Android phones. Then Kathy looks into Travel Journaling and several ways to do it. John talks about some travel planning websites. We end with questions about 5th wheel trailers.

LTRVD0192 Peace River, Induction cooktop, Tampa Supershow, Claw  We're back for our first show for 2013. We moved to the Peace River Thousand Trails Preserve. We discuss the upcoming Tampa Supershow and how to best use your time at an RV show. Kathy talks about our new Burton Induction cooktop from Techno-RV. John introduces The Claw tiedown for awnings, satellite dishes, airplanes, etc.

LTRVD0191 Christmas from 2008 with John and Kathy We rerun our Christmas show from 2008 when we were broadcasting live on WSRQ in Sarasota, FL. It was a gadget Christmas and we talk about those gadgets.

LTRVD0190 Financing and refinancing an RV, KOA at 50, North Trail RV We discuss the ins and outs of financing a new or used RV as well as refinancing. Kathy talks about an article about Kampgrounds of America (KOA)and their 50th year. We talk about our visit to North Trail RV, the largest Newmar dealer in the country.

LTRVD0189 RVing in China, Sleep Number RV bedding, Keyring We discuss a talk given by Al Hesselbart, historian for the RV/MH Museum and Hall of Fame about RVing in China. We look at Sleep Number bedding for RV's. John talks about the "Keyring" App to store discount cards for retail stores on your smart phone.

LTRVD0188 Techno-Geek Learning We are spending a week immersed in technology bat the Techno-Geek Learning Rally. Techno RV is Phil and Tracy May and The Geeks on Tour are Jim and Chris Guld. Together, they are teaching things like Basic Computer Technology as well as some programs of interest to RVers. That includes Picasa, a photo handling program, as well as many tips on how to get the most out of your Cellular Smart Phones and other newer tech gadgets. We have sessions on GPS, Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems, electrical spike and surge protection among others. We are learning to produce personal Blogs using Blogger software. All in all, technology overload, but great fun.

LTRVD0187 Workamper interviews, Christmas gifts for full- We talk about Christmas gift giving to full-timers, what not to get and what to get. We discuss getting ready to find workamping jobs for the summer.

LTRVD0186 Special Holiday offer, 2008 Thanksgiving show on We introduce our Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's and Holiday Season Special offer of all 9 volumes of LTRVD and the Radio Days Volume on an 8GB flash drive. Normally a $110.00 offer, we will make it available for $60.00 until January 1st, 2013. The first five orders will also receive a pdf file with our book "So, You Want To Be An RVer"  Then we rerun our Thanksgiving show from Nov. 29th, 2008 all about volunteering. Enjoy!!

LTRVD0185 Travel hints, snowbird lifestyle Kathy discusses upcoming festivals and events. John talks about the newly released Atwood tank-less water heater for RV's. Kathy talks about how we travel when we are on the road. We discuss the snowbird lifestyle.

LTRVD0184 Used RV's, RV phone Apps We answer several questions about buying used RV's as a first rig. We answer another question about how we got started RVing. hosts a feature on iPhone, iPad, and android applications for RVers. We discuss several new (to us) apps we have just downloaded and comment on them.

LTRVD0183 Florilow campground and Loners on wheels, Dinghy  Kathy talks about a campground for singles here in Florida called Florilow Oaks Campground. She also discusses Loners on Wheels, a club dedicated to single RVers. John does a feature on Towing dinghy vehicles with all four wheels down on the road.

LTRVD0182 Truck and Trailer weights and measures In the So you want to be a full-timer segment, John discusses gross vehicle weight ratings and 5th wheel pin weights and then looks at appropriate trucks to tow them.

LTRVD0181 A week in the life of a full-time RVer We answer a lot of email questions including a request to discuss a typical week in our life as full-time RVers.

LTRVD0180 We visit historic Spanish Point in Osprey, FL. Then we discuss some of the current downsides to full-time RVing. John talks about some maintenance issues.

LTRVD0179 In response to listener input, we discuss our favorite RV Parks and our favorite RVing destinations. We also discuss what we feel are overrated parks and destinations.

LTRVD0178 We move through Georgia and stop near Macon at the Al Sihan Shrine RV Park. Then we proceed to Wildwood, FL and the Three Flags RV Resort. We visit a Lazyboy store and learn how to clean microfiber upholstery. Then we discuss writing both for cash and for pleasure.

LTRVD0177We continue our Elkhart adventure with a visit to the RV/MH Hall of Fame and Museum. Then we toured the Newmar plant in Nappannee, IN and in the afternoon, we visited the Thor Motor Home plant. We travelled to Batesville, IN and visited the Creation Museum in Cincinnati. Then we travelled on to the Raccoon Valley Escapee park in Heiskell, TN and had a jam session.

LTRVD0176 We travel from Celina, OH and the Gypsy Journal Rally to Decatur, IN to the Fleetwood RV Repair center for some repair work and scheduled maintenance. Then its on to Elkhart, IN the RV capital of the world. We visit several RV surplus places as well as stay at the Elkhart Campground.

LTRVD0175 We finish up the 5 days of the Gypsy Gathering Rally in Celina, OH. We give a series of tips to help you get the most out of attending an RV rally.

LTRVD0174 We travel from Hershey, PA to Celina, OH to attend the Gypsy Gathering Rally put on by Nick and Terry Russell who produce the Gypsy Journal newspaper. We interviewed Paul and Chris Weaver who with their eight children are the award winning "Weaver Believer Survival Revival" Gospel singing group.

LTRVD0173 We visit the Strasburg Railroad and ride it. Then we went to the adjacent Pennsylvania Railroad Museum. John discusses essential tools every RV owner should have. John introduces several websites good for new RVers.

LTRVD0172 Our new book "So, you want to be an RVer?" is out on Amazon, Barnes and Nobel, and Smashwords. We talk about Hershey and the surrounding area. Kathy talks about how to make friends in campgrounds. John discusses an article on leasing your home so you can full-time. We discuss our upcoming travel plans.

LTRVD0171 We have our grand-daughter Kirstin with us on the broadcast talking about the Circle M campground with its indoor water park and pool. We take a family trip to the Indian Echo Cave. Then we had lunch at the Shady Maple Restaurant in East Earle, PA. John talks about his new Webber Q 120 grill and Kathy discusses using white vinegar for everyday cleaning.

LTRVD0170 We talk about our trip from Lynchburg, VA to Lancaster, PA. While in Lynchburg, we visited Appomattox Courthouse and the National D-Day Memorial. Then we take a drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway. We discuss 10 good websites for RV'ers.

LTRVD0169 We visit Monticello, home of President Thomas Jefferson as well as his retreat home, Poplar Forrest. We discuss RVing with grand children. Then we talk about visiting Washington, DC.

LTRVD0168 John and Kathy talk about their trip to the Arkansas Freightliner repair shop to get a new alternator, shocks and fuel strainer. Then it's off to Lynchburg, VA through the length of Tennessee. They discuss the top 10 RV blunders.

LTRVD0167 We travel to Little Rock, AR and stay at the Family Campground on the Little Rock AFB. We stopped at the Rush Truck Center in Nash, TX to fix turn signals and battery warning light. We travel to Heber Springs, AR to interview Steve Anderson, President of and Jodie Duquette, editor of the Workamper News. We discuss our role as workamper concierge.

LTRVD0166 We discuss how our show is distributed from Podomatic and how problems can come up. Kathy discusses upcoming events around the country. Kathy talks about hobbies you can take on the road. John talks about fueling safety and courtesy.

LTRVD0165 We visit Canton, TX for the monthly First Monday Trade Days, probably the largest flea market we have ever been to. We visit Lake Tawakani State Park. We took a trip to Greenville, TX to visit the Audie Murphy Cotton Museum. In the So you want to be a full-timer segment, John talks about satellite TV for RV'ers and a new Tripod from

LTRVD0164 John and Kathy visit the Escapee park in Livingston, TX and also visit the CARE (Continuing Assistance to Retired Escapees)center. They discuss the Thousand Trails campground system and the new Zone membership. Then they move on to some new s'mores recipes. Then they talk about campfire songs.

LTRVD0163 Kathy discusses how to stay fit on the road. John starts a discussion of some of the favorite things bought to enhance the RV.

LTRVD0162 We discuss Goals for Full Time RV'ers to include Short, Mid, and long term goals. We also discuss trip planning steps.

LTRVD0161 We answer mail questions about National Park campsites, outside TV's and Composting toilets. In the So you want to be a full timer section, we discuss budgeting

LTRVD0160- John and Kathy talk about their trip around the Schulenburg, TX area to see the beautiful painted churches there. John discusses control of black tank odors. Kathy does a section on what you need to have in your RV for full-time living.

LTRVD0159- John and Kathy discuss touring Yellowstone National Park. John talks about the pros and cons of free RV Park WiFi. Kathy finds an article and website to help in touring Civil War Sites. John gives some tire tips.

LTRVD0158- John and Kathy talk about their new cell phone amplifier to provide signal bars where there were none. John discusses selection of an RV home base or state of domicile. Kathy talks about making changes in your RV to suit your lifestyle. John finishes with spring RV opening and propane gas appliance checks.

LTRVD0157- John and Kathy talk about their trip from eastern AZ through Albuquerque to the Escapee [park in Lakewood, NM and on south to Ft. Stockton, TX. Then they move on to the Escapee park in Hondo, TX. John replaces the house battery bank in the motor home. They answer questions about insurance on Motor homes and 5th Wheel trailers. John answers a question about driving in wind and when not to, as well as a question about how hard water affects RV plumbing. They also discuss cell phone amplifier boosters. Kathy discusses insect stings and snake bites.

LTRVD0156- We start our Spring and Summer journey by first visiting Sedona, Red Rock State Park and Oak Creek Canyon. Then we move to the Meteor Crater RV Park and visit Walnut Canyon and then the Meteor Crater. Then we go 60 miles east on I-40 to visit the Painted Desert and the Petrified Forrest National Park. The next day found us at the Hubbell Navaho Trading Post and a tour of Canyon de Chelly National Monument.

LTRVD0155 -We ride the Verde Canyon Railroad out of Clarkdale, AZ. In the "So you want to be a full-timer" segment, John talks about questions you will be asked when you announce your desire to be a full-timer. Kathy talks about budgeting for the full-time lifestyle.

LTRVD0154 -We discuss our trip from Benson up to Verde Valley Thousand Trails Preserve and a side trip up to the old mining town of Jerome. John retells a funny black water story. Kathy talks about using egg whites to treat burns. In the "So you want to be a full-timer" segment, John talks about RV Batteries. Kathy discusses the recipe for 3-2-1 cake.

LTRVD0153 -We answered a lot of listener mail with some great suggestions. Then we talked about a Nick Russell post about 10 workamping jobs that can be done without being in a campground including Texas Oil and gas well gate guarding. We talk at length about our research into gate guarding. We discuss our visit to the beautiful Mission San Xavier del Bac outside of Tucson and the awesome flowering cactus there.

LTRVD0152 -We go into great detail about our experiences traveling with dogs. Then John talks about troubleshooting demand water pumps.

LTRVD0151 -John discusses how he was able to restore full flow to the hot water system after Calcium Crystal clogging. John and Kathy interview bestselling author Nick Russell of the Gypsy Journal.

LTRVD0150 -After a lot of mail and Facebook posts, John talks about Grey Water, Black Water, and Battery Maintenance in the "So you want to be a full-timer" segment.

LTRVD0149 -A listener Email question about mail forwarding services is answered. In the "So you want to be a full-timer" section, John discusses fresh water systems and procedures. After a discussion about parking at Walmart, Kathy talks about cleaning the outside of the RV.

LTRVD0148 -In light of mid-west tornadoes, we discuss weather awareness and procedures to prepare for heavy weather while RVing. We talk about how to best enjoy an RV show or rally. Then we talk about our visit to the Tucson, AZ Rodeo as well as a day trip to Sabino Canyon east of Tucson.

LTRVD0147 -We talk about our repair experience at Lazy Days in Tucson, a visit to Wilcox, AZ and a visit to the Chiricahua National Monument. In the "so you want to be a full-timer" segment, we discuss cleaning your hot water heater.

LTRVD0146 -We complete our discussion on workamping with an overview of website and some guidelines for selecting a good fit for you and employer.

LTRVD0145 -We talk about workamping and in segment 2 we interview the manager couple here at Butterfield RV Resort and Observatory and they discuss how they pick and hire staff.

LTRVD0144 -After the mail, we discuss RV Park activities in the "So you want to be a full timer" segment. Kathy talks about RV space considerations.

LTRVD0143 -We reveal a new listener survey on our website. In the second segment we review The RV Buyer's Survival Guide by Bob Campbell. In the third segment we discuss trip planning for our escape from southern AZ.

LTRVD0142 -We discuss rallies coming up later this year from Escapees, Gypsy Journal, Fleetwood, etc. We interview Devin Murphy, owner of Freedom RV here in Tucson. Then we discuss some new products and gadgets.

LTRVD0141 -We talk about our favorite places we have visited, the top 5 we want to visit, Top eating places, favorite states, best gadgets, gear and equipment, tips to pass on, and interesting camper hobbies.

LTRVD0140 - We were on Fox News Network talking about workamping. Kathy interviews Gayle Pierce, the Vice President of RV'ing Women, a national organization. John visits the Davis Monthan AFB "Boneyard", and John and Kathy visit Saguaro National Park.

LTRVD0139 - This is our last show of 2011. We will do a rerun next week and be back in 2012. We discuss goals for next year and John talks about winterizing water lines. John makes a visit to the Pima Air Museum in Tucson, AZ.

LTRVD0138 - We read a lot of listener mail, and discuss Kathy's operation. Kathy discusses a year end lifestyle re-evaluation. Two segments of Kathy being interviewed for a weekly finance show.

LTRVD0137 - We do our first show with Kathy's new headset and she loves it. The "So you want to be a fulltimer" segment is all about how to keep warm when temps fall below freezing. We visit Ft. Huachuca for the annual open house of historic homes built in the 1880's.

LTRVD0136 - We discuss camping etiquette and the Escapees 8 point guide. John talks about options in your choices in broadband communications on the road. Many other features.

LTRVD0135 - We discuss 52 money saving tips and Kathy talks about how to find health care. In the So you want to be a fulltimer segment, John talks about selecting a campsite.

LTRVD0134 - We discuss our trip to Gammons Gulch Movie set and Museum. We devote the second segment to full time RV'ing and what it costs and what essential documents you must have. Then John discusses 7 great gadgets every RV'er should look into.

LTRVD0133 - We talk about a Bob Polk RV'er Survey. Kathy discusses upcoming winter events and lots more.

LTRVD0132 - We answer a lot of mail with questions about full timing End Strategy and Thousand Trails membership among others. We visit Fort Huachuca and its Museums.

LTRVD0131 - We travel to Tombstone, AZ for Helldorado Days, then on to Bisbee, AZ for lunch. Then we attend the astronomy show at the Observatory at Butterfield RV Resort. Today we went to Ft. Huachuca, AZ.

LTRVD0130 - John and Kathy discuss planning all the tourist stops in the area. Kathy reads a good article on winter camping and John reads a really funny story about the camping trip from Hell.

LTRVD0129 - We discuss our trip as we leave Garden City, KS and spen 2 days in Amarillo, TX and visit the "Big Texan" restaurant and Palo Duro Canyon State Park. Then on to Roswell, NM and one of its museums. Then we continue on through NM to Deming and then on to our destination in Benson, AZ.

LTRVD0128 - We leave Hart Ranch for our Winter Job in Benson, AZ. John discusses trip planning and Kathy talks about Allstays, an Ipad App for campgrounds. We visit Dodge City, KS.

LTRVD0127 - We discuss our preparations for leaving South Dakota and moving south. John goes through his departure checklist. Propane tips.

LTRVD0126 - We discuss towing a car, traveling the Needles Highway, Fresh water tips, a wonderful website called Changin' Gears, and we talk about some of the iPad Apps we are using to plan our trip to Arizona.

LTRVD0125 - We get more email with iPad Apps to try. John does an RV Electrical Systems primer in the "So you want to be a fulltimer" segment. We talk about some things that say that "You might be an RV'er if"

LTRVD0124 - We discuss all the things that need to be done prior to vacating a campsite.

LTRVD0123 - We discuss the Escapees RV Club and all they have to offer the full timer or long timer. Then we talk about our trip to Gillette, WY and the annual Escapade Rally of the Escapees. Next we talk about our trip to hunt Fairburn Agates.

LTRVD0122 - We introduce our new Blog,, we interview Jim and Chris Gould, the Geeks on Tour, and we discuss some tips on 50A electrical service.

LTRVD0121 - We answer a reader email about our views about gas vs. diesel, we cover yet another list of must haves in the "So you want to be a fulltimer" segment, and we discuss our proposed route to AZ.

LTRVD0120 - John reads a lot about iPod Apps from the week's mail. Kathy talks about more tips in the "So you want to be a Fulltimer" segment.

LTRVD0119 - We got a lot of mail about iPod apps and we detail several lists of things you should add to your RV.

LTRVD0118 - We have received an iPad from a listener. We discuss aspects of Communications in the "So you want to be a full-timer" segment.

LTRVD0117 - We talk about the clothing needed for full-timers. John finds a video camera for RV'ers that he will be previewing.

LTRVD0116 - We talk about a lot of things you may need to be a full-timer.

LTRVD0115 - We discuss the essential books and publications you will need for full time RV'ing.

LTRVD0114 - We continue our new feature with the 12 things you should do or have. Then we talk about what to do when you need to be towed. We talk about some new stuff for kids and grand kids.

LTRVD0113 - We discuss Health Care and Medical Insurance for full timers, we talk about the worst 10 blunders of the year, and the bad weather we have in the Black Hills.

LTRVD0112 - John and Kathy visit Devil's Tower in Wyoming. A new feature called So you want to be a full timer gives advice to prospective full timers.

LTRVD0111 - John and Kathy ride the 1880's Train between Keystone and Hill City. We discuss disaster preparedness for the RV'er and much more.

LTRVD0108 - We discuss many things to do in South Dakota, we look at a new product, a tankless hot water heater, more

LTRVD0107 - We discuss our trip to Custer State Park and all the wildlife we saw there as well as a trip up the Iron Mountain Road. John provides further information on the Wi-Fi Ranger.

LTRVD0106 - We discuss Workamping and Volunteering as well as an article on repairing your RV refrigerator's cooling system.

LTRVD0105 - We visit the Pioneer Village museum in Minden, NE and then move north to Hart Ranch in Rapid City, SD. I test the Wi-Fi Ranger Wi-Fi Modem, more.

LTRVD0104 - We attend a performance at the Grand Ol' Opry house in Nashville, TN, a night in Kentucky, visit Saint Joseph, MO.

LTRVD0103 - We visit Nashville, TN and tour the Hermitage, Ryman Auditorium, Country Music Hall of Fame, and many sights in downtown Nashville.

LTRVD0102 - After a fuel report, we discuss the worst experiences we have had in over 6 years on the road. Then we discuss the best.

LTRVD0101 - We discuss an article by Joe and Vicki Kieva about full-timing strategies. Then we talk about some cold weather gadgets. more...

LTRVD0100 - We review several new RV gadgets and spend some time discussing Spring Tune-up for your stored RV.

LTRVD0099 - We talk about workamping in great detail, discuss the bears moving in Yellowstone National Park as a sign of Spring, and we chronicle the 7 RV wonders of the world.

LTRVD0098 - Among other things, we discuss at length the Norcold refrigerator recall and what can happen if you don't get it fixed.

LTRVD0097 - We interview Jennifer Bement from Southeast Guide Dogs. Then we discussed some boondocking tips and protection for your toad when travelling.

LTRVD0096 - John and Kathy visit Southeastern Guide dogs,discuss the new dinghy towing guide from Motorhome Magazine, talk about their new puppies, and introduce a new feature called "Favorite Places"

LTRVD0095 - We visit Anna Maria Island just south of Bradenton, Kathy presents some RV storage solutions, John discusses Lean Manufacturing at Fleetwood RV.

LTRVD0094 - John and Kathy discuss some of the literature from the Tampa RV Show including RV'ing the Blue Ridge Parkway and Alaska. We give some tips on buying an RV.

LTRVD0093 - We visit Lazy Days RV Superstore in Steffner, FL. We interview their CEO, John Horton and Ann Cosentino, editor of Better RV'ing Magazine.

LTRVD0092 - We continue our visit to the Tampa RV Supershow and conduct interviews with Jim and Chris Gould otherwise known as the Geeks on Tour and Al Hesselbart, the Historian for the RV Hall of Fame and Museum in Elkhart, IN.

LTRVD0091 - John and Kathy are at the 2011 Florida RV Supershow. They visit many vendors with new and innovative products, most made in the USA.

LTRVD0090 - We open the new year with a discussion of Gas RV's vs. Diesel RV's, then we talk about Florida Parks to Winter in, and then John talks about GPS receivers for large vehicles.

LTRVD0089 - We are back in studio at WSRQ in Sarasota, FL and we answer questions from call-ins.

LTRVD0088 - John and Kathy talk about their Caribbean Cruise. Then they discuss pros and cons of renting out your RV. John talks about RV water filters.

LTRVD0087 This is a Pot-Pori show where we talk about a lot of new RV'er stuff.

LTRVD0086 - John and Kathy discuss tips for looking at a potential RV purchase. John talks about the importance of having and using a Digital Multi-meter. Some great apps for the iPhone applicable to RV'ers.

LTRVD0085 - John and Kathy discuss keeping a log of travels, Winter preparation, a new log software program, controlling odors in the RV.

LTRVD0084 - We take a trip to LazyDays in Steffner, FL looking at new and used RV's. We look into finance requirements for full-timers as well.

LTRVD0083 - We discuss the Snowbird lifestyle and what they do and where they do it. John talks about dumping the Black tank.

LTRVD0082 - We travel from Hershey, PA to our Winter quarters in Palmetto, FL with our son Steve.

LTRVD0081 - John has had a successful surgery and is home now. We do an interview with the manager of Hershey High meadow Campground and a publicity director for Hershey entertainment. We also discuss some new products.



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